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Blak Magik

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Template author: Ipietoon

Blak Magik is a free blogger template adapted from WordPress with 2 columns, right sidebar and rounded corners.

Excellent layout for blogs about nature.

Download Blak Magik for free in BTemplates.

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4.2 out of 5 based on 108 bloggers and 41 commenters.

Comments about Blak Magik blogspot template

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  1. Sudarshan Nadar Ulagaraj 27 February 2009

    really nice…..

  2. Paulo Henrique 27 February 2009

    o fundo naão vai..
    fika em branco

    por q?

  3. Alloys 28 February 2009

    broken in IE

  4. ROSHAN 1 March 2009

    is there no way to remove the BLAKMAGIC mark at the title of the theme and add our own blog title.. other than that, lovely theme

  5. noname 1 March 2009

    @roshan:read an instruction setting
    @alloys:you’re right, best view in browser except IE 😀

  6. Tam Bir Blog 2 March 2009

    Türkçe temalar için ozzy’e TamBirBlog’a tıklayın…

  7. FinalCLaws 2 March 2009


  8. Edu 5 March 2009

    Hola… como puedo eliminar la fecha de los posts???

    mil gracias


  9. niji 6 March 2009

    i really love this skin, but i was wondering if i did something wrong, my post date says undefined on the left side of each post i have. anyone can help, thanks.

  10. Hamad Dar 9 March 2009

    Hey same here as niji said. Date says undefined what is wrong with that?

  11. iGmail 10 March 2009

    great job, marked for try later..

  12. Adee 11 March 2009

    Nice template i love this layout.

    Please help found some simple and fast load template for my site. Thanks


  13. Mr. Ramone 11 March 2009

    Its broken on Internet Explorer, the background doesnt appear, it keeps white,
    Does anyone knows how to fix it?

  14. yani 21 March 2009

    Paulo Henrique:
    February 27th, 2009 at 10:21 (#)

    o fundo naão vai..
    fika em branco

    por q?

    me pasa igual

  15. TUG 22 March 2009

    Same questions as before.

    Couldn’t figure out how to remove the “Black Magic”.

    I also have the undefined date.

    Great template!!! One of the best I’ve used.

  16. cheth 28 March 2009

    Let me know if anyone has problems with this template, contact me directly via contact form

  17. Fatima 20 April 2009

    Este template es perfecto para mi blog de chocolates ^^

  18. Jay 3 May 2009

    Why i make a post it has the word “Undefined” written three times over the post heading. How do i get rid of this word?

    Amazing template by the way. 10/10.

  19. Doug 12 May 2009

    Ya… what’s with the undefined thing?

  20. Doug 15 May 2009

    ok to fix the background not working Internet Explorer, go to edit the html and put a space between the ) and no-repeat


    body {background: #000 url( no-repeat top center; color: #333;

    Still trying to figure out the “undefined” thing. I have my date and time stamp in….. any ideas?

  21. Jose 18 May 2009

    Hey Doug, that works to fix the issue with IE, now just to figure out the “undefined” problem, as I’m getting that too.. Nice looking template though, besides the issue.

  22. Enery 19 May 2009

    Acabo de poner este template en mi blog y no sé cómo quitar lo de Blakmagic para poner el título de mi blog :(
    ¿Alguien me podría ayudar?
    Muchas gracias!

  23. sasika nanayakkara 2 June 2009

    date & manth poblem

  24. ahab 6 June 2009


    to fix the date/undefined problem go to Settings > Formatting > Timestamp Format and change it to “Saturday, June 06, 2009″.

  25. ahab 6 June 2009

    To make your own logo download the wordpress template from here:

    The zip file includes the layered Photoshop file of the logo. Use a graphics editing tool which supports PSD files and you can easily make your own perfect logo.

  26. mey 3 August 2009

    I also have the undefined date.

    Can you help me? because I’ve done all that you said I change tha date to “Saturday, June 06, 2009″. But the problem is there… can’t change.

  27. Daniela 29 August 2009

    I´m still having troubles in setting the time. The solution given above was already tried but it still fails. Does anybody have a solution for that?

  28. Claudia 31 August 2009

    Guys, please read carefully: You don’t need to change the date format but the TIMESTAMP FORMAT. I mean, THE HOUR. 😀 That will solve the undefined problem.

  29. Dylan 17 September 2009


    To fix the undefined error go to Settings (2nd tab). Click Formatting (third link under tabs). Set the TIMESTAMP FORMAT (4th Dropdown menu from the top) to Thursday, September 17, 2009.

    super confusing, i know

  30. Maria 17 September 2009

    Hey guys, I cannot remove the “Blackmagic” header… please…help!!!

  31. Drockk 5 October 2009

    thnx Dylan working your tips

  32. rafa 2 December 2009

    Hola nose como sacarle el black magic al titulo de mi blog no busco que sea con esa letra solo que se vea el titulo de mi blog por favor alguien me dice en ESPAÑOL PLEASE!

  33. rafa 2 December 2009

    descarge el programa para hacer el titulo pero no se como usarlo//
    ownload the program to make the title, but not how to use it

  34. Claudia 3 December 2009

    Ayúdate de Google Translate ( para seguir las instrucciones de esta plantilla (el link que está arriba y que dice “Template Settings”.
    Descarga de nuevo el archivo zip, y encontrarás adentro un archivo llamado “header.psd”. No sé si descargaste una versión de prueba o algo así, pero tienes que instalarlo y abrir con él el psd. Una vez que edites el archivo con el nombre de tu blog, guardas la imagen en tu escritorio, la alojas en un hosting de imágenes y reemplazas el link por el que termina en “header.gif”, que está en la plantilla.

    Saludos 😉

  35. Katrina 16 January 2010

    This template looks really awesome will consider using it

  36. Kashif 21 January 2010

    The darkish look in this template seems good for band sites

  37. asaloy 27 February 2010

    bagi ilmunya dong…..
    gmn caranya pasang iklan di blogspot…?maaf baru belajar ngeblok….hihihih
    lam kenal ya…

  38. Junior 1 May 2010

    Tem um link atrapalhando meu cabeçalho, e nos titulos de postagem tem escrito UNDEFINED

    Atrapalha tudo!!!

  39. Claudia 2 May 2010

    Click on the “Template Settings” link above. They say you need to change the timestamp format (the hour, not the date) to “Sunday, 28 February 2009″. You can do it from Settings/Formatting.

  40. Muhammad Fahd Altaf 5 August 2011

    This template made me crazy to download and convert into WordPress theme… wow …

  41. Alvia Taylor 11 December 2012

    The template really looks great to use i am sure i’d use it in one of my websites

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