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31 Mar

Blogger Dynamic Views

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Blogger launches today five dynamic views for all its blogs:

What are the Blogger dynamic views?

Dynamic views are different versions of your blog, in some way, different ways to navigate your blog, without changing your template, using Ajax, CSS 3 and HTML 5.

Currently there are five views:

1. Sidebar view.


2. Flipcard view.


3. Mosaic view.


4. Snapshot view.


5. Timeslide view.


How to use views in your blog

To use the views just add /view at the end of the URL of your blog. For example:


These dynamic views will work on your blog if all of the following are true:

  • Your blog is public. Your readers don’t need to sign in to view your blog.
  • Your blog has feeds fully enabled. In the Dashboard → Settings → Site feed tab, you have enabled either Full or Jump Break for your Post Feed.
  • You have not disabled dynamic views. In the Dashboard → Setting → Formatting tab, the option for Enable Dynamic Views is set to Yes.


    • Infinite scrolling. That is, no "Next " or "Back" links, with scroll, the entries will appear automatically.
    • Fast charge. When you load only on demand, you don’t load more items that you wish to view.
    • Organization.


    For the first time, Blogger incorporates something new and even revolutionary compared to other platforms, a positive change for bloggers and readers.


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    1. Here more than more free templates are there, And based with famous frame work design
      Thank You

    2. Here more than more free templates are there, And based with famous frame work design
      Thank You

    3. campor bawor October 20, 2012

      waooo accepted the very special design for the creation

    4. Mua sam May 20, 2013

      Limit unique of it is missing ‘the description of text.

    5. Me gustan pero, que tal para los espacios para adsense?, funcionan bien?


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