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06 Dec

Bloggers shouldn’t use ad blockers

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Everybody knows that advertising is the main support of Internet. The most of web services such as diaries online, blogs and media sites earn their income from different kind of advertising.

On the other hand, many users see advertising as an obstacle in their browsing experience, which it has caused the development of Ad Blockers, or tools that prevent ads are shown.

Smashing Magazine, however, makes an interesting thought about Why web designers should not use Ad Blockers. This thought goes both for bloggers and users as well. The reasons given by the author are (according to my interpretation):

  • Ad Blockers hinder the community: They break the line of Production-Consumption-Difussion.
  • Promote a selfish attitude: The most important thing is ‘my’ navigation and not the hard work of web designers.
  • Cause a mini bubble: Many companies investing in advertising but less people willing to consume.
  • Make the web less real: You may have more to lose if you use ad blockers, as you will see the web very different, ad-free pages, almost uthopic.

I would add:

  • Ad Blockers make worst the desing on various websites: Almost always current web designing considers save room for advertising, and the visual weight is calculated with ads kept in mind. Some sites lose this balance if they have no ads.

The benefits of using ad blockers are pretty known: a slightly faster navigation and less visual weight.

This is, without any doubut, controversial. In my opinion, ad blockers don’t cause a heavy impact in the revenue of websites yet. Otherwise, the more ad blockers emerging, the more ‘anti-ad blockers‘ would come up. But we can’t blame it on ad blockers: many people that decide to use them is because of sites that abuse in ads density and use intrusive advertising.

Got an ad blocker? What do you think about this as a user and as a blogger? We would like to know.

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  1. I would agree with your but some ads such as pop ups and youtube video ads are just too annoying. I’m using adblock plus right now but it blocks every type of ad. I wish there was some kind of addon for forefox that would only block popups and in-video ads.

  2. I don’t mind ads that are to the side but ads that are in your face and that force you to click on it are very annoying. These sites, I tend NOT to come back too.

  3. In my opinion, how the publisher manage the ads as part of its own of his/her blog/site design will be the key what will the visitor do to its own blog.

    Sometime I turned-off javascript or use adblocer just to see the performance one of interested-blogger template I visited due to much of theme/template (expecially for blogger platform) is styled with javascript where it will display a destroy performance with javascript is turned off.


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