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10 Dec

Is Opera the best browser to use Blogger?

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There’s a very recurrent issue in Blogger, which happens while trying to upload a template, or while saving changes in a template with expanded gadgets, which leads to the Blogger’ Screen of Death. Another issue is that it makes the links to add new gadgets to disappear and even the editable areas to be not visible. As we mentioned another time, this issue is temporary and there are some alternatives to avoid it. One of those is using a different browser.

So far, the browser which we hadn’t had that issue is Opera, there I’ve been working in a blog even in that point, when Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer had the issue. So, ¿Is Opera the best browser to use Blogger? If you use add-ons or features exclusive to another browser then not so much, but I reckon it would be convenient to have it installed if an alternative to solve the problem is required. What’s your experience with Blogger and your browser? ¿Is there an ideal one?

Note: Needless to say, if you have Internet Explorer 6, any other browser is a better option, not only for Blogger.


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  1. Definitely not.

    New Oprea Browser (10.00 and later) fails with recording draft texts.

    When i return to my draft entry for editing, i see only two letters like ” i k, p p,” or something. It’s really frustrating. I don’t like the idea that be using another browser or using old WYSIWYG editor for blogging, but it seems i have not another choice.

  2. I think Opera is way better than the other browsers out there, I’ve the 11 version right now, but the only issue is that on my blog, the label cloud gets messed up, only on Opera. If I could fix it, it would be perfect. Any idea?

  3. new blogger nt working on latest opera it says…

    Your browser is no longer supported by Blogger. Some parts of Blogger will not work and you may experience problems.
    If you are having problems, try Google Chrome. | Dismiss

    what to do with that hv any idea !!!


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