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Every time you’re told about the advantages of a blog it is always mentioned the ease of creating one. And even thou this is true, after starting the blog the path is not so clear and now it’s time to have our say about the 10 things to do after starting a blog on Blogger. […]

Blogger is a wonderful free blogging platform, maybe the best one of the freebies out there, but it is still trailing from other, mostly when it’s faced against those which can be installed on propietary servers. In this case we’re talking about WordPress, which is the reference CMS that comes to mind when we can […]

By default, every post we publish on Blogger has a link with the number of comments (if it’s enabled, of course), and it says something like "0 Comments", and this isn’t the best presentation. Another problem comes when the post has just one comment, and the link shows "1 Comments", which is not logical at […]

This option is not on Blogger’s options, but it can be done through CSS. Go to the “Layout” tab, also called “Design” from the desktop, and then go to “Edit HTML”. After this, check the “Expand widgets template” box. Search for the following code: ]]></b:skin> And just before write the following: .comment-timestamp { display: none; […]

13 Jul

Switch from Blogger’s feed to FeedBurner

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By default, Blogger creates a feed link to the posts at the end of each one. If we use Feedburner to manage our feed this link won’t help us a lot, but the link to comment’s feed will. In this article we’ll show you how to change the link to post’s feed without changing the […]

Tutorials, tips and tricks about Blogger