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How to add a “Dark mode” to your website

For some time now, I’ve loved browsing sites with the option to activate a dark mode, not because of the aesthetics but because of the comfort for my eyes. Fortunately for my unfortunate eyes, more and more websites are implementing this option and so did I for BTemplates. Adding a dark design option is easier […]

How to create a rollover button using images and CSS

I think it’s always interesting give our buttons an animation effect. As in this tutorial, the RSS subscription button. This time we will make an exercise to create a small character from the paper, through Adobe Illustrator, to its implementation on HTML and CSS. At the bottom of the page we leave a file with […]

Social LEGO Icons

Social LEGO is an free icon package very stylish geek. Are 14 LEGO style icons with the most used social services, created by the designer Ulises Arbizu and Blog and Web. Services included: Twitter, Facebook, RSS, Tumblr, Friendfeed, LastFM, Sharethis, LinkedIn, Technorati, Digg, Vimeo, Qik, Behance y Reddit. Download Download: Social LEGO Icons. Formats All […]

Adding a sidebar to a Blogger template

How to add a new sidebar to a Blogger template is one of the most common questions between the users of the platform for blogs from Google. Adding a second sidebar varies in complexity according to the design in question, so, while some require only a few lines of CSS modification, others will need a […]

Blogger’s Cheat Sheet

Most of us, when we start a blog we do it with Blogger, a simple interface and it is very easy to start a new blog, but trouble starts to appear once we try to manipulate the blog’s layout, CSS and XML of the template might seem a bit complex right from the start, however, […]