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The easiest way to modify a template

The templates were born as a way to make good design (and not very good) available, either to users with experience in design, and those that just want a nice place to communicate without worring too much about web development, and this article is for those users. Almost every template has an element that, if […]

Background image on your website or blog

A website’s backgorund is one of the most important elements of the page, is always there and there’s a lot of available space. In this basic article, we’ll show you how to handle your website’s background with an image. The first thing you should know is that the right way to get a background image […]

Hide the date on Blogger’s comments

This option is not on Blogger’s options, but it can be done through CSS. Go to the “Layout” tab, also called “Design” from the desktop, and then go to “Edit HTML”. After this, check the “Expand widgets template” box. Search for the following code: ]]></b:skin> And just before write the following: .comment-timestamp { display: none; […]

Static side menu on Blogger

Navigation in our blog or website is an important matter to take care of, and menus are very important to do this. Here we’ll show your how to set a static side menu in your website or blog, which means, when you scroll down the menu will be in the same position. The menu we’re […]

Social Bookmarking on Blogger

Maybe you wonder how to put some social bookmarking icons on every post, so the readers can add this to their favorites, if they use one of these services. You don’t need to subscribe your blog to any of these services. The links are for the users, so they can subscribe and access to your […]