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Blogger Dynamic Views

Blogger launches today five dynamic views for all its blogs: What are the Blogger dynamic views? Dynamic views are different versions of your blog, in some way, different ways to navigate your blog, without changing your template, using Ajax, CSS 3 and HTML 5. Currently there are five views: 1. Sidebar view. 2. Flipcard view. […]

Notepad Blogger Template

Notepad is a design originally created for WordPress by N. Design, and ported to Blogger by Blog and Web and BTemplates. It is a simple but legible and well designed template. It has two column, space for social services, support for static page and font and colors settings from the panel. Download

The easiest way to modify a template

The templates were born as a way to make good design (and not very good) available, either to users with experience in design, and those that just want a nice place to communicate without worring too much about web development, and this article is for those users. Almost every template has an element that, if […]

Hide ‘Submit to Posts (atom)’ link on Blogger

By default, Blogger places a link at the end of the page, so users can susbcribe to Posts. If you don’t wanna show this link, here we teach you how to delete it. It’s pretty much like hidding the date on Blogger’s comments. Go to “Layout” tab, and then to “Edit HTML”. Search for the […]

Customize the navigation feet to older or newer posts on Blogger

New logger incorporates a navigation feet on main page, labels and individual posts. This navigation feet contains links to “Recent posts”, “Older posts” and “Main page” without format or style. On this article we’ll show you how to customize it. Go to “Layout” tab, also called “Design” from Desktop, and then to “Edit HTML”. Check […]