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How to add a “Dark mode” to your website

For some time now, I’ve loved browsing sites with the option to activate a dark mode, not because of the aesthetics but because of the comfort for my eyes. Fortunately for my unfortunate eyes, more and more websites are implementing this option and so did I for BTemplates. Adding a dark design option is easier […]

Friendlier Dates on Blogger

It’s friendlier to interpret relative dates or the time passed between two dates (i. e. Posted 2 days ago) rather than an actual date. This kind of dates is often used by services like Twitter or Facebook (see demo). You can also easily create this kind of dates on Blogger by adding two javascripts to […]

Create a widget to add a link to your blog

In this article we’ll show you how to create a widget (code segment) so that your visitors only have to press a button to add a link to your blog on their own. Go to "Layout" tab. Add a "HTML/Javascript" element in the section you wanna have the button. Set the title as "Add us", […]

Customize the way date is shown on Blogger

Blogger puts default date to every published message, but this format is very poor. It’s shown in the same line, and with the same CCS style. With this method you could show the date in a nicer way and have total control over it. First of all, you have to change the date format. Go […]