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The blogs hosted on Blogger have by default an internal search located in the navbar, however, it isn’t possible to customize it or change it in order to make it fit our layout. In the other hand, with HTML and XML we can recreate this internal search and customize it any way we want with […]

How to add a new sidebar to a Blogger template is one of the most common questions between the users of the platform for blogs from Google. Adding a second sidebar varies in complexity according to the design in question, so, while some require only a few lines of CSS modification, others will need a […]

By default, every post we publish on Blogger has a link with the number of comments (if it’s enabled, of course), and it says something like "0 Comments", and this isn’t the best presentation. Another problem comes when the post has just one comment, and the link shows "1 Comments", which is not logical at […]

Most of us, when we start a blog we do it with Blogger, a simple interface and it is very easy to start a new blog, but trouble starts to appear once we try to manipulate the blog’s layout, CSS and XML of the template might seem a bit complex right from the start, however, […]

Tutorials, tips and tricks about Blogger