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12 Jan

Google Blogger For Dummies

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Books for beginners, or "dummies", are really popular in almost every branch to describe a topic from the very start, giving context and provide a balanced perspective on that topic. That is the case of Google Blogger for Dummies, a book by Susan Gunelius who was really kind to send us a copy in which she gives a thorough analysis to Google’s blog platform.

The book is available at Amazon for $16.49 to get it printed or $13.19 for the Kindle version.

Quick Review

The book starts with a brief explanation on what’s Blogger and it’s evolution through these 10 years of existence and in a very accurate way continues on an explanation of blogging basics, all those terms we find strange when we start from the very beginning: Backlinks, feed, links and the elements present in a layout.

In the second part of the book is when we really get on business, with a step by step guide on how to create an account, choosing a domain name and setting up the blog. It’s a page by page tour of Blogger’s Control Panel, in which every option and feature is explained and with practical recommendations to fill them properly.

Then we go on the publish process, the different post type there are, management, the way to categorize them and even some SEO tips. Then we get an explanation on Blogger templates, mostly the hardest or most complex area on Blogger, as expected we don’t get much of an explanation here, but, for the people starting up, no much more info is needed.

The third part of the book is about one of the hardest objectives on a blog: Monetize it. It is a complex topic which would require another book to explain it in full detail, however there is a good summary of the common options available: Adsense, Link Sell, sponsored posts and referers system.

Fourth and fifth part are meant to explain another of the hardest objectives to accomplish on a blog: Growing your reader’s list. Techniques, tools and attitudes proven of having a positive effect on traffic rise, premises which you can read almost everywhere, but here we recognize Susan’s labor on ranking everyone of them for you to choose your own strategy.


The book has some interesting extras: A section of 10 tools, 10 common issues resolved, 10 websites to download Blogger Templates, a cheat sheet of useful links and a 25$ coupon for AdWords.


This book is a very good option for blog beginners. In a quick way you can learn concepts that figuring out only by yourself would take a lot more time. Me myself read a little while ago Photoshop for dummies, it is really good to have a thorough explanation of each concept, no matter how obvious it is; and if you add tips and the author’s experience on the matter you have a really good approach on the topic.

From those "earn $5000 a week" fraud books to a book with real-life vision and at this low price, you shouldn’t think twice to buy it.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and the Amazon link is not referred. Maybe in the future we can make a contest or something for anyone who wants the book.


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Tutorials, tips and tricks about Blogger