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Blogger Dynamic Views

Blogger launches today five dynamic views for all its blogs: What are the Blogger dynamic views? Dynamic views are different versions of your blog, in some way, different ways to navigate your blog, without changing your template, using Ajax, CSS 3 and HTML 5. Currently there are five views: 1. Sidebar view. 2. Flipcard view. […]

Native Blogger email subscription

Blogger starts with the novelties of this year, this time presenting a new gadget to subscribe by email or follow by e-mail as they have called. How it works When added, it will automatically add the blog to Feedburner, creates the URL of the feed and use it for mail subscription. The gadget displays a […]

Blogger launched its new design

Blogger launched at South by Southwest (SXSW), an annual music, film, and interactive conference and festival held in Austin, Texas, its next UI. A new design as well as being clearer, uses the latest development technologies with Google Web Toolkit, as comments Blog Buzz. New editor interface (Click on each image to enlarge)

Official buttons for sharing on Blogger

Blogger has added a new feature, a few weeks ago, to its platform: buttons to share the content of a post through social services such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Google Buzz or traditional email. How to add them? You need first to activate them: Dashboard → Design → Blog Posts → Edit If, with this, […]

BlogPress, update Blogger from your iPhone

There are many apps available to update your blog on Blogger from the iPhone, however, there wasn’t any apps completely focused on Blogger like BlogPress Lite does, which due to Blogger’s 10th anniversary releases a focused and free version. According to Blogger Buzz, the app will have everything necessary to keep your blog updated, a […]