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22 Jan

How is the search form used in your blog.

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The way in which visitors come from search engines is valuable information about a blog, however, the way which users use the internal search form is rarely monitored.

Google Analytics has a fairly simple method to add this data to our reports.

1. In the Analytics dashboard, the blog of interest row, Actions column, click Edit.

Dashboard → Blog → Actions → Edit

At the Main Website Profile Information box, click Edit.

Main Website Profile Information → Edit

On the form, active Do Track Site Search and in the Query Pameter field, put: For Blogger: q. For WordPress: s. These correspond to search queries.


2. To have handy the searchs report, you can add a gadget to the dashboard.


In View report, of your blog, go to Content located on the sidebar, then Top Content and in the Filter Page field put:

For Blogger: \?q=

For WordPress: \?s=


Click Go. And finally, click Add to Dashboard


The data collected will help you know better what readers are looking for on your blog.


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Tutorials, tips and tricks about Blogger