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How is the search form used in your blog.

The way in which visitors come from search engines is valuable information about a blog, however, the way which users use the internal search form is rarely monitored. Google Analytics has a fairly simple method to add this data to our reports. 1. In the Analytics dashboard, the blog of interest row, Actions column, click […]

Create a widget to add a link to your blog

In this article we’ll show you how to create a widget (code segment) so that your visitors only have to press a button to add a link to your blog on their own. Go to "Layout" tab. Add a "HTML/Javascript" element in the section you wanna have the button. Set the title as "Add us", […]

Use Google Sitemap on Blogger

One way to help Google indexing our website or blog, is by telling them the pages we have, when they’re modifiedan when we have new articles. This can be easily done using a simple tool created for this: Google Sitemap. Besides of helping you with Google indexation, this tool can give us our blog’s stats […]

Switch from Blogger’s feed to FeedBurner

By default, Blogger creates a feed link to the posts at the end of each one. If we use Feedburner to manage our feed this link won’t help us a lot, but the link to comment’s feed will. In this article we’ll show you how to change the link to post’s feed without changing the […]

Metatags on Blogger

Metatags are labels with information about our site, like the theme of the website or blog, its description, keywords, author’s information, language, among many others. They are important because help search engines and other web applications to rank your web, so if you don’t have them it makes their work even more difficult, and the […]