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10 Jul

Show recent comments on Blogger

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Thanks to a feed, it’s possible to add the recent comments to our blog in a very simple way. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to your blog, and select the “Layout” tab.
  2. Choose the place where you wanna put the comments, and click “Add a Gadget”.
  3. Select the “Feed” element, and click “Add to blog”.
  4. The next step is to add the feed’s URL, in this case is the one that has the comments of our own blog. This address is like this:
  5. http://YOURBLOG.blogspot.com/feeds/comments/default

    Where YOURBLOG is that part of your blog’s address.

  6. The next step is to configure:
  7. Title: the title to show on top of comments.
    Number of items: in this case it’s the number of comments.
    Item date: show comment’s date.
    Item sources/authors: show comment’s author.

  8. Save the changes and that’s it.

This will be enough to show the last comments. The look will depend of the place you insert them into. With this method you can add any content with feed format, doesn’t matter if it’s not from Blogger.

Read this article in spanish.


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  1. Thanks!

  2. Blue Vader November 21, 2012

    hey..it so EASY!

  3. belajar menjadi BINTANG December 2, 2012

    .: not working on my templates…^_^

  4. Thanks,the use of feeds for the comments was quite innovative.

  5. Thanks for this really good tip!!

  6. Thank buddy.. I just added the gadget

  7. jay arcy March 22, 2013

    thank you! i followed your instructions just now and I successfully did it

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