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3 Applications I use to take care of my eyes

En espaƱol: 3 Aplicaciones que uso para proteger mis ojos. Being in front of a computer or a cellphone for long periods of time (beside aging, of course) has had consequences with my eyes; as a light myopia, sensitivity to light at certain times, insomnia and tired eyesight. Many of these effects are attributed to […]

Automatic image repair in Photoshop CS5

The Adobe Photoshop CS5 already cooked and starting to show some of its new features. One is the Cloning and automatic resizing of an image. What exactly? What better than a few examples: With the tool Content-Aware Fill Only select an object you do not want to appear in a photo and more Photoshop CS5 […]

Bulk Image Upload on Blogger

The Blogger’s Image Upload Wizard allows you to upload up to 5 images at a time and most of the time this is enough, but if you usually upload bigger quantities the process can get very frustrating. To override this limit there’s an alternative within Firefox and the DragDropUpload add-on, which makes it as simple […]

10 things to do once you start a blog on Blogger

Every time you’re told about the advantages of a blog it is always mentioned the ease of creating one. And even thou this is true, after starting the blog the path is not so clear and now it’s time to have our say about the 10 things to do after starting a blog on Blogger. […]