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Add a “Dark mode” to your website in 3 steps

For some time now, I’ve loved browsing sites with the option to activate a dark mode, not because of the aesthetics but because of the comfort for my eyes. Fortunately for my unfortunate eyes, more and more websites are implementing this option and so did I for BTemplates. Adding a dark design option is easier […]

Add links to a pages based menu on Blogger

The pages widget on Blogger is very useful for use as menu, however, it has a weakness: you can’t add links directly from the panel, but this is possible from the code. Step by step: 1. Go to your template code (Desktop → Design → Edit HTML) and expand widget templates. 2. Search the pages […]

How to create a rollover button using images and CSS

I think it’s always interesting give our buttons an animation effect. As in this tutorial, the RSS subscription button. This time we will make an exercise to create a small character from the paper, through Adobe Illustrator, to its implementation on HTML and CSS. At the bottom of the page we leave a file with […]

Friendlier Dates on Blogger

It’s friendlier to interpret relative dates or the time passed between two dates (i. e. Posted 2 days ago) rather than an actual date. This kind of dates is often used by services like Twitter or Facebook (see demo). You can also easily create this kind of dates on Blogger by adding two javascripts to […]

How to create a Blogger search

The blogs hosted on Blogger have by default an internal search located in the navbar, however, it isn’t possible to customize it or change it in order to make it fit our layout. In the other hand, with HTML and XML we can recreate this internal search and customize it any way we want with […]