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Gadget Fan

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Template author: ChicaBlogger

Gadget Fan is a free blogger template with 2 columns, right sidebar, rounded corners, footer columns and social bookmarking icons.

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4.3 out of 5 based on 29 bloggers and 15 commenters.
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Comments about Gadget Fan blogspot template

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  1. B. Hall 24 February 2011

    What typeface did you use for the main logo?

  2. Claudia 24 February 2011
  3. aqiqah surabaya 25 February 2011

    terima kasih your’ content is very useful for me. god bless you

  4. B. Hall 25 February 2011

    @Claudia: Thanks for the quick reply. Great typeface and great design!

  5. Ugur 25 February 2011

    hi claudia can you convert this blog template?

  6. pedro 25 February 2011

    Can you give me the code of the image with the iPhone? I would like switch this image. Thank you.

  7. Shayari 26 February 2011

    fantastic creation, lovely colour and fast theme…. Liked!

  8. basma 26 February 2011

    I can not delete those words of the Code

    (( * Blogger Template: Gadget Fan: DEMO | DESCARGA Caracter√≠sticas: Ideal para blogs de iphone / gadgets 2 columnas anc … 2 days ago))

    What is the solution please reply quickly?

  9. Claudia 26 February 2011

    @basma: Do you have a Twitter account? If you have one, please read the instructions (click on the “Template Settings” above). Id you don’t have one, tell me to help you to remove that code.

  10. basma 26 February 2011

    No, not I have a twitter account

  11. Claudia 26 February 2011

    @basma: Go to Design/Edit HTML and delete the following code:

    <div id='twitter-widget'>

    <li class='twitter-updates'>

    <ul id='twitter_update_list'/>
    <a href='' id='twitter-link'/>
    <script src='' type='text/javascript'/>
    <script src='' type='text/javascript'/>



    Now save changes.

  12. NiRoS 28 February 2011

    Hei Claudia, can you ask you something about the template? send me an email. thanks.

  13. emeka 28 August 2011

    very good template,please how do i remove the tweet stuff under the iphone banner?

  14. Mathias M 5 June 2012


    Can you help me with making the space between posts smaller. I really hope you can help!


  15. Mathias M 5 June 2012


    Can you help me with making the space between posts smaller. I really hope you can help!

    Thank you so much

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