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Astronomy is a free blogger template with 2 columns, right sidebar and social bookmarking icons.

Excellent template for blogs about to write a diary.

Download Astronomy for free in BTemplates.

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4.0 out of 5 based on 59 bloggers and 14 commenters.
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  1. Lecca 29 October 2009

    Muito criativo seu template, parabêns 🙂

  2. suma 30 October 2009

    that’s right

  3. Abdulwahab Alhajji 30 October 2009

    hi , nice template i love it , but how do i change the twitter thingy to my account instead of “btemplates” ??

  4. Razgriz 31 October 2009

    nice template:D.. keep up the good work hehe

  5. Pike 2 November 2009

    @Abdulwahab -> Twitter feed in Blogger ->

  6. Bob Waters 27 December 2009

    That’s fine, Pike.. but I think the question is how to change the built-in Twitter feed in the template to your own account, not how to add a Twitter widget. I haven’t even been able to figure out whose account it’s set to, much less how to change the template so that it carries my own feed.

  7. Claudia 28 December 2009


    <a class='follow-button notext' href='#'>Follow me on Twitter</a>

    and replace the # by your Twitter URL.

    Then find

    <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

    and replace bthemes by your user name 😉

  8. Hayley 8 July 2011

    How do I delete the twitter things all together?

  9. Hayley 8 July 2011

    Also, how do I change the size of my header? Like the font size?

  10. Hayley 8 July 2011

    One more question! Is there a way that I can just use the header picture and footer picture? I would love to! (: Please reply if you know how..

  11. Joseph 8 August 2012

    @Claudia: Thanks Claudia!!!

  12. hemisha 4 September 2012

    i have downlodaed Astronomy template and its awesome. Congrats! I have a query. Where do I change the Twitter id? Thanks. keep up the good work

  13. hemisha 4 September 2012


    Never mind found the solution in your comment list. Sorry. Thanks

  14. Alex 24 December 2012

    @Claudia: I’v tried exactly what you wrote but the only thing which worked is the link back to the twitter Profilepage. But the Tweet section keeps be black… What is my mistake??? Username change and .json must be in place? Or delete .json too? think not but its not working please help :'(

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