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Design Blog is a free blogger template with 3 columns, left and right sidebars, ads ready and floral motifs.

Excellent template for blogs about animals or to write a diary.

Download Design Blog for free in BTemplates.

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4.4 out of 5 based on 117 bloggers and 20 commenters.
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  1. Vesper 9 September 2009

    Love it! Gorgeous. Definitely the kind of templates I love. I wish I could create like this : )

  2. Molly 12 September 2009

    I would love to use this, but I have trouble customizing this according to my needs. Can you provide a simple tutorial how to change certain things? Like the menu under the header and the header picture?

  3. Maureen 13 September 2009

    dude seriously, i like this one but i dont wanna use it, and there’s another template with the same name that i do wanan use but i cant download it, it download urs!…. why? plz someone change the freaking name!

  4. Traci 13 September 2009


    This is the perfect template for my upgrade. However, can you please tell me how to remove the sponsor banners? I would simply like to use that area as an 3rd column with gadget capability. Please tell me if/how I can do this and this is THE ONE! I eagerly await your response.


  5. debbie novalina 13 September 2009

    This is the greatest template ever!! 🙂

  6. abunezaa 17 September 2009

    agree with Traci. I really liked this template for my blog … perfect. awaited response to the immediate


  7. isabeldm.02 22 September 2009

    Dear all,
    This template is beautiful, i would like to use it but kindly let me know how to remove the sponsor banners, also how to modify the title (size, type, etc).
    thank you so much!

  8. syamsul 30 September 2009

    this is a greatest tamplate… thank’s I like it!!

  9. grandchief 5 October 2009

    thanks 4 your template and good luck…:)

  10. Traci 23 October 2009

    Is an answer ever going to be posted about how to remove the sponsor banners? It would be greatly appreciated.

  11. Crazyhorse 11 December 2009

    I love this template however I do not know how to place my sponsors on the 4 boxes provided.

  12. Claudia 12 December 2009


    Look for this piece of code in yor template, in HTML edition:

    <div class='ad_125x125_box'>
    <a href='#'><img alt='ad' src=''/></a>

    You will find it 4 times. Every piece of code is a single box.

  13. Achuth486 21 December 2009

    how to make contact us ,about me links to work..?? pls helppp

  14. Sandy 17 February 2010


    The template is gorgeous, I was able to edit the sponsors section and header and what not I just can’t change the font colour in the side bar :/ the font comes out black and the background is a dark gray so its hard to read.


  15. 10zen 28 February 2010

    I want to remove column on the left side and increase the width of the main column. Can anyone help me?????? pLz

  16. Poppy 9 March 2010

    how to change the header font style??

  17. Michael 9 April 2010

    Will installing this code erase all my previous posts, my followers, my visitor counter, or any other items?

    Thanks for a quick answer. I really love this one.

  18. Miss B 4 May 2010

    hey how do i edit the header font! it cuts out my words!

  19. igor 8 June 2010

    I can not configure the RSS, please help me?

  20. Sandy 30 April 2012


    The quick edit wrench icon isn’t working. Instead of opening the widget in the editing window for me to make changes, it reloads my blog in a new window with a message like “Sorry the page you are looking for cannot be found.” help?

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