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Pad Mess

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Pad Mess is a free blogger template adapted from WordPress with 3 columns, right sidebar, fresh look, rounded corners and grunge style.

Excellent template for blogs about desktop or music.

Download Pad Mess for free in BTemplates.

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4.2 out of 5 based on 119 bloggers and 35 commenters.


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  1. cnvpro 17 June 2009

    i love this template but im using wordpress now so

  2. liz 18 June 2009

    I just downloaded your template and it looks beautiful. thank you. I looked in the direction in “read me” for instructions on how to write something in the section labeled “about us”, but I found nothing. Can you please tell me how I can write something there or where exactly to insert my lines in the html?

    thank you so much, and by the way, I do use blogger/blogspot for my blog.


  3. Klodian 19 June 2009

    Go to Layout –> edit HTML –> search for “Write some words”
    after you find text edit it.

  4. syima 22 June 2009

    im in love with it! =D
    im using it for my blog

    * i used this template. but the writings in ‘about us’column is off, they are out of the box. and so does the box to type your ‘search’. y is this happening?

  5. Klodian 22 June 2009

    Yes is true, I worked on them and solved, so download from here

    Claudia, please update download link ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Nat 22 June 2009

    I have the same problem that syima and your solution wasn’t useful ๐Ÿ™

  7. Klodian 23 June 2009

    Please check demo at this post, and see is any issue that you refer, I reworked and is OK now.

  8. rafael vallejo 23 June 2009

    I’d like to start a blog and use this template. Kindly tell me steps I need to do to get it going. Thanks for creating it. rafael

  9. shah 25 June 2009

    still cannot work the aboust us, the wording is out of the box…and what about the search?how to put the search box?

  10. Audrey 26 June 2009

    Hi ! I have a problem with comments. They appear twice. Can I change something in the HTLM code ? Thanks !

  11. Fawn 26 June 2009

    I absolutely love this design, but am having problems with it. First and foremost the little Blogger bar that is usually at the top of the page is completely gone and whenever I upload it on the edit HTML page it comes back saying that certain widgets are being deleted. Any help?

  12. Raj 29 June 2009

    It’s cool Mate.

  13. 7egaz 30 June 2009

    hey man this template is very ammazing i love it very much, but i need ur help i want 2 make the width of the right side is smaller than this and of course the left is wider than this becouse i write a large post in that left pane thus could u help me please
    this is my mial if u accepted 2 help me.thanks

  14. Jess 2 July 2009

    LOVE this template but I’m having trouble with the “About Us” section – the text does not line up correctly. Can you fix?

  15. skywind 4 July 2009

    Designs very well, but is also the page layout is too small.
    Health information & Humor & Fun World

  16. Destenoth 6 July 2009

    Yeah, I downloaded your fixed version, and the About Us box was fixed, but the search box was still not displaying correctly, the words and link to search were appearing above the image it was supposed to appear on. A fix or some advice would be appreciated, it’s a wonderful template otherwise ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. bilqis 9 July 2009

    Could you help me please..?? I can’t used the html for my bLog, I dont kNow How I uSed for it.. thanks..

  18. It’s me Tey! 9 July 2009

    I love this template…Its good I didnt encounter any problem.. this is so cool! thanks very much….
    I will recommend this site to my co- bloggers….

  19. kerlin 16 July 2009


  20. LoriLou 20 July 2009

    I am new to this . I get an error when trying to down load this page -2146697204 cannot view xml imput using style sheet what does this mean I know I have done somthing wrong

  21. josue 28 July 2009

    exelente plantilla pero tengo un problema con los comentarios me aparecen dos veces el mismo comentario como puedo solucionar esto


  22. sol 4 August 2009


    i’ll consider it fot my blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. syida 5 August 2009

    Wow..i love it..wanna use for my blog…great job

  24. Arman 21 August 2009

    Great work !

  25. jolly 23 August 2009

    il great design I very like it but I can’t used it…
    please tell me about how I do it. What program I can used it.

    I’m just study write webpage….thank you

  26. Phoebe 26 August 2009

    Really luv this template! Thank u!
    I have just one small question: how can I change “About Us” to “About me” or something else, cuz there’s only me who use my blog page. “About Us” doesn’t seem right.
    Thank u.

  27. Luciana 29 August 2009

    Designs works very well, but the page layout is too small.How kan I enlarge de page layout?
    Please help me someone ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Aurora 4 September 2009


  29. KuBa.. 9 September 2009

    Thankyou! It’s really good design.
    Please tell me how to enlarge the web,
    and how to add more areas?

  30. zamkhual 24 September 2009

    i like this template and download but i can’t get htlm
    can u send to my mail pls.

  31. leeyeah 2 November 2009

    i used your template. thank you for making it ๐Ÿ˜€ as a newbie in blogging, you helped spruce up my site ๐Ÿ™‚ keep it up!

  32. Sue 5 November 2009

    How do I change the ‘ABOUT US’ text to ABOUT ME and how do I make the search bar at the top of the page work? I had to add a new search bar. Thanks

  33. Sylvie 8 May 2010

    Hi, I’ve tried to download quite a few templates buch none of them have an XML file. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

  34. Gรฉraldine 7 October 2011

    Hi, Is there a layout.psd to change the images of the template ?

  35. Christa 30 January 2012

    @Audrey: I’m having the same problem… is there a fix for duplicated comments?

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