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DJ in the House

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DJ in the House is a free blogger template adapted from WordPress with 2 columns, left sidebar, rounded corners and vectorial elements.

Excellent template for blogs about to write a diary or music.

Download DJ in the House for free in BTemplates.

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4.3 out of 5 based on 80 bloggers and 18 commenters.
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  1. falconeri 12 February 2010

    can you please make it into 3 columns? thanks

  2. falconeri 12 February 2010

    thanks ^_^v

  3. David França 21 February 2010

    Agora qe eu qero…

  4. tatiana 27 February 2010

    severo una cosa estraordinaria

  5. daviddjset 17 March 2010

    hi, I am using your theme and its brilliant. but I have one problem: in your demo there is a date in front of every name of the article. but at my site there is only “undefined” and I dont know what´s going on there. Could you help me pls? thanks

  6. enzo16 20 March 2010

    Excellent template.. but i also have the same problem with the date.. it says undefined.. HELP.. How do i fix it???

  7. Claudia 22 March 2010

    It appears in our FAQ 😉

  8. enzo16 22 March 2010

    Thanks Claudia! Well I did try to change the header date on settings page, but ot looks like it is already set to the correct date format. I also tried all of the other date format to check, but none of them seems to display the correct one on my blog. What do you think??

  9. mel 6 May 2010

    me too..please someone help me about that undefined thing.tq

  10. Claudia 6 May 2010

    @mel: Try with Dashboard → Settings → Formatting → Timestamp Format → Friday, May 7, 2010.

  11. mel 6 May 2010

    wow..done! thanks claudia..

  12. Marco 5 August 2010

    I also got the UNDEFINED error and could not fix it. I got other failures such as menus moving from their normal place, main title not legible……please take a look and fix. Regards

  13. Claudia 6 August 2010

    @Marco: Go to Settings/Formatting/ Timestamp Format → Friday, August 6, 2010.

  14. Holly 6 October 2010

    from Spain have a question we get when we create an entry undefined and we did what we could but did not work what can we do?

    Wednesday 6 october 2010

  15. Claudia 8 October 2010

    @Holly: Go to Settings/Formatting and change the timestamp format (the hour) to “Friday, October 8, 2010”.

  16. Audrey 10 March 2011

    Is’t possible to change the “DJ IN THE HOUSE” to my name to give it a perfect touch???

  17. Miryana 6 July 2013

    Why can’t change the name for my company name? also, this is the second template and can’t modifie nothing in my blog, plese!!! help!!!

  18. Nilesh DJ KinG 7 June 2014

    i like & Thaiks

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