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Oreki Houtarou

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  • To edit the Menu you need to search and edit the links directly in your template code.
  • This template looks better if you set the posts per page in a multiple of 3. Eg. 9 posts per page.
Template author:Aoideszign

Oreki Houtarou is a free premium blogger template with 2 columns, responsive design, seo friendly, right sidebar, gallery-styled, an exclusive design for Blogger, footer columns, posts thumbnails, drop down menu, breadcrumbs, pagination, emoticons, well designed threaded comments, 404 error page customized, 3D effect and neutral colors.

Excellent template for blogs about anime, games or kids.

Download Oreki Houtarou for free in BTemplates.

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3.9 out of 5 based on 47 bloggers and 34 commenters.
Compatible with:FFIEChrome


34 Comments, leave a reply »
  1. Aoideszign 14 December 2015

    yey.. thanks for post it ^_^

    • Francisco 30 December 2015


  2. edgar 20 January 2016

    alguien sabe por que cuando quiero cambiar el idioma, no me deja dejandome con el idioma de “indonesia” solo puedo modificar ciertas cosas, lo demas desconosco. Por ejemplo cuando pongo un fan page de facebook, me aparece con el idioma de indonesia… alguien podria decirme como hago para cambiarle el idioma porfa !

  3. Aoideszign 20 January 2016


    are you talk about “Post oleh” and “Rilis” ?
    if ya.. then
    you just need to change it (search on Edit HTML)

    ******Post oleh :******

    ******Rilis :******

    Note: just change in the middle of ******

    • edgar 29 May 2016

      hola muchas gracias por responder, la verdad ver paginas asi como estas realmente motiva a uno querer saber mas sobre como programarlas, te agradesco mucho, gracias a ti aprobablemte, ahora se que me gusta mucho estos temas de diseño web…
      -Sobre mi problema, era que en el apartado de facebook, me aparecia con el idioma indones, cosa que ya lo solucione, y bueno queria consultarte lo siguiente, yo estoy aprendiendo por mi cuenta diseño web, algun libre de html que me recomiendes o algo asi por el estilo ?, muchas gracias de antemano!

  4. Israel 31 January 2016

    Can you please translate the sharing option in post.

  5. ghanes 7 February 2016

    Hai bro..

    Templatenya keren banget bro.. 😀
    Cuman mau tanya, itu yg gambar paling atas bisa kita ubah gak nantinya? bagian banner judul blog..


  6. Aoideszign 8 February 2016

    you mean the Facebook Like and Share button?
    search this code

    js.src = "";

    change “id_ID” (Indonesia) with your language.. like en_US for english

    bisa kok gan

    cari aje

    ganti urlnya ama gambar yang ente inginkan

  7. Israel 15 February 2016

    Thank you for your response i will try it later. ?

  8. Jean 17 February 2016

    How could I change the icons @menu? I cannot find source! Same for image on header!

    • Francisco 19 February 2016

      Hi Jean, these are not regular image icons, these are font icons, you can look for this code:

      <i class="fa fa-coffee"></i>

      This the coffee icon, for example, you can delete it or change it using the codes in


  9. Nuno Alves 31 March 2016

    Hi Francisco,

    I tried to change the number of posts to 12 or more but always show me 9 posts, very strange…

    Can you help me please?

    PS: Is it possible I take off the credits at the page footer. I pay you something by the credits…

    Best Regards

    Nuno Alves

    • Aoideszign 31 March 2016

      @Nuno Alves

      in that case your page might have reach the maximum size of blogger can do (x < or = 1 MB)

      the idea to prevent it to happen is just use page break.

      btw, sorry for my bad grammar. it suck xD

  10. Hafis 2 April 2016

    Thanks to templates 🙂

  11. mustafa 10 April 2016

    how can i add my fan page ?
    and thanks very much >3

  12. arlita fajarianto 10 May 2016

    that is ok

  13. arlita fajarianto 10 May 2016

    thank verymuch for template ..
    I will use it for my blog or web…

  14. yamit 11 May 2016

    how I can disable the social media buttons (like and shared facebook, google, etc) ? I tried for hours and hours and nothing =\

  15. jorge 30 May 2016

    hola, quisiera saber como hago para cambiar el nombre del autor, cuando publico entradas, aparece mi nombre y apellido…

  16. Matías 12 September 2016

    Hello, I have a question
    Every time I publish a page appears me something called “breadcrums”, how can I do to remove it?

  17. ibrahim al-titi 25 January 2017

    thanks for post it ^_^

  18. Nuno Alves 2 March 2017

    Hi, can you check what’s up with the images in your template. please check your demo, the resize is not work well…

  19. robson 14 March 2017

    Which line of code to change the background of the page strip the color arm is to put a picture?

  20. robson 14 March 2017

    **Which line of code to change the background of the page strip to the white color is to put a picture?

  21. jack 12 June 2017

    Hi can please tell me how to add category or labels with thumbs on the blog homepage just like “NEW RELEASE”
    nice work thank you!!

  22. animeouo 20 June 2017

    Post BY : XX | Rilis : 6月 20, 2017 | Series : XXXX

    HOW TO change the language of post by & rilis &series Who know it please help me

  23. tran 27 August 2017

    I set Number of posts on main page as 15 post. But only main page (1st page) has 15 post appearing, 2nd, 3rd 4th… page has only 6 posts appearing. please help on this issue

  24. manu 27 September 2017

    Alguien podria darme un archivo con idtabs para ver anime en la plantilla?
    que sea parecido a este>

  25. putu 30 November 2017

    hey bro it’s nice template. thanks for post !

  26. sebastian 9 June 2018

    hola, es una gran plantilla con un buen diseño
    me agrada mucho, sin embargo. mi pagina web NO ES DE ánime
    me gustaría cambiar la imagen o quitar la que está hasta arriba de un anime
    por favor orienten a cómo poder hacerlo

  27. sebastian 10 June 2018

    CHICOS HE RESUELTO VARIAS cosas de esta plantilla, quizas pueda resolverles su duda

    alguien ayudenme porfavor con la BARRA DE NAVEGACION de entradas
    no llega hasta la ultima, solo llega hasta por la mitad
    incluso ya la agrande hasta 10 bloques
    y hasta 10 entradas por cada pagina pero aun se muestra hasta la mitad maso

  28. Abaddon 23 July 2018

    This is a great template, but how can I change the background color? I can’t find the way to do this… Ty

  29. Abaddon 23 July 2018

    Sorry… and found too that the “” doesn’t work… Pls help me in this, the background color I fixed yet. Ty

    • Abaddon 23 July 2018

      b:includable id=’page-navi’

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