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Debian wallpapers with flavor

Debian is one of my favorite GNU/Linux operating system distributions. Debian is a free, stable, fast, secure and a very complete distro and its main disadvantages are that many times the latest version of some software is not in its stable repository, which does not bother me, and that it uses systemd. Contrary to what […]

Add a “Dark mode” to your website in 3 steps

For some time now, I’ve loved browsing sites with the option to activate a dark mode, not because of the aesthetics but because of the comfort for my eyes. Fortunately for my unfortunate eyes, more and more websites are implementing this option and so did I for BTemplates. Adding a dark design option is easier […]

CSS Variables

CSS Variables are very useful when designing a blog, a website or a web application, but what are CSS variables? They are nothing more than custom properties, but this condition allows you to store data in them and avoid repeating these values in your code. How to use CSS variables A common best practice is […]

PaperCut, really cool social icons.

Again from the hand of Ulises Arvizu of “Maquiladora de SueƱos” (with new blog design), bring you another freebie for readers of Blog and Web and BTemplates, there are four illustrations / icons to blog subscription services like Feedburner (RSS), Twitter, Facebook, and Email. These are PNG24 format with transparency in two sizes, 100 and […]

Good and bad practices in navigation bars

The navigation bar (Next page link, previous page link or pagination) is one of the most important elements of a web design. A well-designed navigation bar allows user to turn the page on an almost instinctive way and invites him to continue reading. Reviewing the top 100 blogs of Technorati (yes, it’s still online) I […]