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Good and bad practices in navigation bars

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The navigation bar (Next page link, previous page link or pagination) is one of the most important elements of a web design. A well-designed navigation bar allows user to turn the page on an almost instinctive way and invites him to continue reading.

Reviewing the top 100 blogs of Technorati (yes, it’s still online) I present you a few that caught my attention to find some good and bad practices.


Mashable has a pagination, with numbers in big and clickable containers. Has links “Next” and “Previous” but not “Last” and “First”, which, in my opinion, are rarely helpful.


Engadget has a clean and easily recognizable navigation.


Celebrity Gossip has a recognizable navigation and also invites to keep reading.


The Daily Dish

In The daily dish seems that they are not interested in that we continue browsing with their discreet navigation bar.



In the pagination numbers are confused each other. It’s hard to click on each and is even, is difficult to distinguish between navigation and content.



In the navigation bar has enough space and its function is unmistakable. Another interesting point is that all navigation links are using the same color, a different color than the color of the content.


Politics Daily also an easy to find navigation bar.


Slash Film well as the classic “Next” “Previous “, has a banner, but for its size, it can be confused with advertising.


The Next Web has a minimalist and elegant navigation bar, suitable to its design, but may go unnoticed if you’re not looking for it.


Joystiq has two buttons in enough space. No need to search them if you want to read more.


GigaOm has a good combination between the simplicity of the “Next” and “Previous” buttons and the information of a pagination.



In they show if the next page contains newer or older posts.


Daily Intel

In Daily Intel they add a link to the home page in the navigation bar.



Conclusions based on my user experience in these blogs are:

  • Navigation links must be clearly distinguished from content, by color, design, size, space or any other property.
  • Within a pagination, the Next / Previous buttons should be highlighted.
  • In pagination numbers, its whole area should be clickable.
  • Use “previous articles” may be more informative than “next page”, since the latter doesn’t report the age of the publications.
  • In some cases, is a good idea to put a navigation bar at the beginning and end of the page.

With it exercise, I have found several points to improve in my navigation systems. Do you find something to improve on yours?

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2 Questions and comments on Good and bad practices in navigation bars

Delicious Design Studio February 20, 2011 at 12:54 pm

The idea of placing a navigation bar at the bottom of the page is a good one. I think I’ll take into consideration.

Delicious Design Studio

harsha March 4, 2011 at 7:12 am

Hi Guys,
I recently uploaded an template from BT, now the problem is when i click on RSS feeds its opening with some html page, would require an help to rectify this,
thanks in advance..

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