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Date A Live

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Template author: Djogzs

Date A Live is a free premium blogger template with 2 columns, right sidebar, gallery-styled, web 2.0 design, fresh look, rounded corners, exclusive design for Blogger, footer columns, social bookmarking icons, posts thumbnails, drop down menu, breadcrumbs, related posts, a background pattern, related posts support, well formatted threaded comments and vectorial elements.

Excellent layout for blogs about anime, fantasy, games, girls, kids or photography.

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4.5 out of 5 based on 426 bloggers and 85 commenters.
Compatible with: FFIEChrome

Comments about Date A Live blogspot template

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  1. CyberSeuramoe 8 November 2013

    Thanks You Date a live ^_^

  2. Reda 19 November 2013

    Oh , Thankyou For This Great Template

  3. zuhri nathar 22 November 2013

    I like, great template:)

  4. Giovanni 3 December 2013

    Hi, I’ve managed to change the colours for every single menu, submenu, widget I’ve wanted, you can take a look at my blog and have the template with some instructions for changing colours (if you don’t mind browsing in Spanish).

    On the other hand I’ll be glad to have some help with the sharing options just after every post. I’d like to use the ones at ShareThis instead, however within the template there is already another service called “mintshare mini”. Problem is I don’t know how to remove it in order to make a proper installation for ShareThis, so if anyone could give me a hint that’d be great.

  5. afiqwasim 6 December 2013

    hi, a question. can we change the anime pictures to another photo?

  6. Ina 15 December 2013

    We have a problem with the sidebar of the Date A Live template. It goes in between the post, not on the side where it’s supposed to be. And also the popular posts do not appear where they need to appear. We have one right now because we’re building the page but again wasn’t it supposed to be there? Please let us know what to do, your template suits our needs the best and we don’t want to replace it. Thank you

  7. jouharet 18 December 2013

    how to applying this template in my blog;

  8. 18 December 2013

    I’ve being seeing this template being applied to various sites lately, whether it’s a blog or not.

  9. Ihsany 21 December 2013

    hey, what will we do if we want to change the address of our twitter, facebook,feeds on this template? please answer i need it. thank you very much

  10. Gabriel lopes 29 December 2013

    On my blog appear in only 3 post independent main page I stir in the configuration. Como mudar isso no HTML. Tanks

  11. QR 31 December 2013

    Love this theme, so far manage to edit a few things. But for the popular post, there seem to be nothing appearing. Well when you scroll over you get to see the headings of the popular post. Is there a way to get rid of it?

    • QR 31 December 2013

      I got rid of the popular post but there’s this black box in the center at the header which was supposed to be the loading sign can any help to solve this?

  12. Chrisall76 4 January 2014

    Nice template, But only about half of my post appear under popular post.

  13. Icaro 5 January 2014

    Hey guys, i need some help. I want to change the anime picture… how can i do that? I couldn’t find where it was when looking at the HTML.


    • Zaxx 31 January 2014

      While editing the html just search

      or go to line 608
      and replace the url of the image with the image you want.

  14. hesty 14 January 2014

    كيف يمكننا ترتيب لتجديد الإعلانات في المدون وجعل الكثير من الناس ا
    لذين يحبون لدينا اhow do we order to rejuvenate advertisements in blogger and make a lot of people who love our bloggers and bloggers mengomentar usلمدونين والمدونين

  15. Stefab 27 January 2014

    If you want to change the back image:
    1) Go to 608 Line
    2) Upload the image you want to a site
    3) Replace the url!

  16. Edson Roberto 30 January 2014

    Template muito bom, bora testar

  17. css 9 February 2014

    thank you Djogzs

  18. RIFQI 16 February 2014

    any1 know how to remove footer column?

  19. HuyFrankie 24 February 2014

    How to remove loading on banner ?

  20. Tara 8 March 2014

    Hola, necesito ayuda no me sale la fecha sino ”undefined” y ya vi los formatos… pero nada… alguien puede decirme como hacer que me salga la fecha?

    • Giovanni 13 March 2014

      Ve a las opciones de blogger, ahí debes ir a idioma y formato y en la sección de formato debes configurar la hora y fecha de la siguiente manera:

      Formato de cabecera de fecha: la segunda opción
      Formato de hora: la cuarta opción
      Formato de hora de los comentarios: la tercera opción.

      Guarda y revisa si funciona.

  21. Tara 8 March 2014

    Hola, necesito ayuda con entradas populares… pues me salen 3 en el blog pero como máximo en diseño he puesto 7… alguien me ayuda?

  22. ASTERIX 9 March 2014

    How do I get rid of triple-widget footer? I need only 1 element on footer instead of 3 elements. How do I get rid of them?

  23. ASTERIX 9 March 2014

    I do not need three widgets in footer. How do I convert the 3 widgets in this one, only and long page element that I need?

  24. Muhammad Raihan 12 March 2014

    Nice Template ^_^

  25. ShareNatin 16 March 2014

    This is really nice! its perfect for my sisters blog!

  26. monster high 18 March 2014

    this is very very nice one…

  27. snailbob 18 March 2014

    nice blog i ever seen…

  28. Maria 8 April 2014

    Como colocar el Full Page Script de en esta plantilla

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