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Dark Brown Ebong

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Template author:Ipietoon

Dark Brown Ebong is a free blogger template with 2 columns, right sidebar and vectorial elements.

Excellent template for blogs about to write a diary.

Download Dark Brown Ebong for free in BTemplates.

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4.0 out of 5 based on 32 bloggers and 12 commenters.


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  1. Adair 29 January 2009

    Template Beautiful 🙂

  2. kuryt 6 February 2009

    very good

  3. Me12101 8 February 2009

    Doesnt work, it says that it can not be published in prolog

    and the letters are all like:

    l�A�!�-i˖�w�ر��#�r�Đ��,��ݯ{�3P����S*21Ϟ��_?f@���”#W���”?��w{���”I�����w��ǻ䯧����_���כ 2��Û��^�8#�a�cxE����?z��%��e]��:�.~�%��^�����{=��,z�6���V�O7��]��MB?/�Q��’A��h��n�U<��iI’5�X@^��y�GGG|x�h4��͊b���XD�^� �-�h,�┷��F�R{kl�v9��8��q<J�I�J(��B�� z�Yb�pR�5�� ��������� ����v�/�޾x��7K�����㫸���:�����Ο�{�[�3]匣H�X�eO�=|�O�v��*� ��V�,�����Qsê~�xH0{���
    �j�4���Bu=”�߂^�0�[����t �_�%


  4. Steve 11 February 2009

    How am I supposed to get the date to the left of the blog posts to work?
    It just appears as a brown block for me…

  5. Emilio 13 February 2009

    Hi, nice template, really! But don’t works the date, I’ll tried all the options, but nothings happened (take a look on my blog, Thank you!

  6. GRZ 13 March 2009

    It’s fantastic, but I need some help. “written by” and “tags” are below the title, I’d like to move them below the text of the post. Could you help me?

  7. shah 23 March 2009

    Me12101,i think u direct upload using the .rar file.need to extract first,then upload the xml file..

  8. riez 2 April 2009

    wewwww… kereen euy! 😀

  9. Rowena 15 September 2009

    Did anyone figure out how to fix the date issue? I can’t seem to figure it out. Can someone help me out?

  10. Chealsey 9 December 2009

    I like the template. But I don’t know how to fix the date on the left? I tried what you said on the FAQ’s but it doesn’t work. Please help thanks!

  11. Claudia 12 December 2009

    Uuh… The Template Settings link does not work 🙁 Well… Try to change the date format in Settings/Formating. Choose the one that fits on the square ;). If you tried with all the options, and no one fits, set the timestamp format to Saturday, December 12, 2009.

  12. Vikthya 4 April 2010

    You need to use the 4.04.2010 date format to get it to work. Hope that helps!

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