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Exotic Vacation

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Template author:Falcon Hive

Exotic Vacation is a free blogger template adapted from WordPress with 2 columns and left sidebar.

Excellent template for blogs about photography or travel.

Download Exotic Vacation for free in BTemplates.

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4.3 out of 5 based on 107 bloggers and 67 commenters.


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  1. Claudia 26 August 2009

    Change the format of the hour. That will help you to show the date 😉

  2. Adrien 26 August 2009

    Thanks for the tip Claudia !
    So actualy the template only display the time field.
    The whole list of parameters available through Blogger for message setup cannot be used with the template ? Or do we have to change a part of the code ?

  3. Jeremy 5 September 2009

    All you do is go to layout

    Click on edit on the big menu box. Then add your links. No HTML to edit or anything, super simple!!


  4. STYLE SPOON 31 October 2009

    Hi people,

    Having downloaded this fab template today, i also had trouble editing and customising the road signs, but found the answer – no one has bothered to anwer this properly anywhere except for the person who designed it.

    All you need to do is go to LAYOUT, then click on PAGE ELEMENTS. You will see (header) bar then underneath should be menu which you can EDIT.
    Click on EDIT, enter what title you want, eg HOME, add the link for your home page in New site URL box or whatever you want it to be.
    New site name: ‘HOME’ (or whatever you want to show in the road sign).

    There’s space for 4 titles, so type 4 into the Number of links to show in list box.

    Hope this helps, I got so annoyed not being to get this bit done and it was so bloody easy!

  5. enrique 4 November 2009

    as you can customize and change the photo of the beach the other

  6. meerceea 23 March 2010

    ads by google its not displayed.Why not?can you tell me? thks

  7. JC 4 April 2010

    Thanks STYLE SPOON for your instruction on how to edit the road signs!

  8. Martin j Cowling 25 January 2011

    I cannot work out how to get the share icons to work at the bottom of posts
    eg for ppl to share on facebook, twitter etc
    how do i get them to appear?
    also easy edit button?

    thank you

  9. Claudia 25 January 2011

    @Martin j Cowling: Go to Design/Edit HTML, click on Expand widget templates and find the following line:

    <b:includable id='backlinks' var='post'>

    You may use the search box in your browser (CTRL+F) to find it easily.

    Now add the following code exactly above that line:

    <b:includable id='shareButtons' var='post'>
      <b:if cond='data:post.sharePostUrl'>
          <a class='share-button sb-email' expr:href='data:post.sharePostUrl + "&target=email"' expr:title='data:top.emailThisMsg' target='_blank'>
            <span class='share-button-link-text'><data:top.emailThisMsg/></span></a>
          <a class='share-button sb-blog' expr:href='data:post.sharePostUrl + "&target=blog"' expr:onclick='", \"_blank\", \"height=270,width=475\"); return false;"' expr:title='data:top.blogThisMsg' target='_blank'>
            <span class='share-button-link-text'><data:top.blogThisMsg/></span></a>
          <a class='share-button sb-twitter' expr:href='data:post.sharePostUrl + "&target=twitter"' expr:title='data:top.shareToTwitterMsg' target='_blank'>
            <span class='share-button-link-text'><data:top.shareToTwitterMsg/></span></a>
          <a class='share-button sb-facebook' expr:href='data:post.sharePostUrl + "&target=facebook"' expr:onclick='", \"_blank\", \"height=430,width=640\"); return false;"' expr:title='data:top.shareToFacebookMsg' target='_blank'>
            <span class='share-button-link-text'><data:top.shareToFacebookMsg/></span></a>
          <a class='share-button sb-buzz' expr:href='data:post.sharePostUrl + "&target=buzz"' expr:onclick='", \"_blank\", \"height=415,width=690\"); return false;"' expr:title='data:top.shareToBuzzMsg' target='_blank'>
            <span class='share-button-link-text'><data:top.shareToBuzzMsg/></span></a>

    Save changes.

  10. Martin J 25 January 2011

    Thank you for this. Really, really appreciate it
    My first problem is that the line

    is not in the html

    would it be in another spot?

  11. Claudia 26 January 2011

    @Martin J: Click on the box “Expand widget templates” and you will find the code.

  12. Martin J 27 January 2011

    Thanks so much for your excellent follow up. I really, really appreciate it.

    I did as instructed and got this:

    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: The reference to entity “target” must end with the ‘;’ delimiter.


    • Claudia 27 January 2011

      @Martin J You can find the answer to your questions and more in our FAQ section.

  13. Martin j Cowling 5 February 2011

    it is?
    I dont get it:(

  14. Kellie 20 July 2011

    Have downloaded this template and I love it but people are telling me that they cant leave comments??? It seems that the verification code does not show properly so therefore it can not be entered. How can I fix this?

  15. Cathy 8 March 2012

    Holly, this is a long shot because it’s been a year. I need to add titles to the road signs of the blog template “Exotic Vacations.” Been trying for hours. Your code got deleted off the comments post.
    Can you email me where in html to insert titles?


  16. anast wenge 12 November 2013

    hi, i really love this template but my posts then are put not in proper places/sections. they just get messy.

    how can i fix it?


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