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About Majestic

Majestic is a free Blogger template with 3 columns, left and right sidebars, rounded corners and neutral colors.

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13 Questions and comments on Majestic

keshav 12 August 2009 at 1:41

Super, I just loaded to my log, amazing!

↩ Reply
Dude 14 August 2009 at 4:02

Great Dark Template from Dark Template Lovers

↩ Reply
Surya Ananta 17 August 2009 at 14:55

Nice template. May I download to my blog, please?, thank you

↩ Reply
Yoga 26 August 2009 at 22:33

nice template i like it

↩ Reply
cesar 29 August 2009 at 14:33

muy bueno jejeje

↩ Reply
joao 2 September 2009 at 9:35

Ola sou do brasil e achei essetemplte muito baum!

↩ Reply
NoozeHound 9 September 2009 at 10:30

Brilliant. It works. It doesn’t mangle everything and it’s easy to understand. Thanks.

↩ Reply
Cash Searcher 13 September 2009 at 17:02

Really like this template. I will be using this one. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

↩ Reply
Nicolas 24 September 2009 at 23:17

It simple awesome.

Everything work as it should, it’s elegant and so usefull.
Even I’ve modified it a littel, it keep being so atractive.

See ya.!

↩ Reply
Allibi 26 September 2009 at 12:46

I really like this temolate (majestic), but i can’t install install it. always coms: Content is not allowed in prolog.

↩ Reply
Carol 10 October 2009 at 8:50

This is a nice template but when you have everything is on it. it looks so crowded. I think it is the sidebar bacground colours are to bright compared to the rest of the template so it makes everything look crowded.

↩ Reply
Camilo 9 December 2009 at 18:56

Hi. This template it`s just fun. But I have a problem: I want to change the background and the text colors and I canĀ“t; can you help me please. Thanks!

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