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Puppet is a free blogger template adapted from WordPress with 2 columns, right sidebar, fresh look and rounded corners.

Excellent template for blogs about to write a diary, kids or travel.

Download Puppet for free in BTemplates.

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4.3 out of 5 based on 101 bloggers and 28 commenters.


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  1. Klodian 19 June 2009

    HI Claudia,
    This template has a CSS code problem and I just updated, please take a time to update and you, maybe you cant see the problem because we both have same screen resolution.

  2. Iris Noir 19 June 2009

    Great template 8->

  3. Klodian 19 June 2009

    I have converted this template and I know for issues that u refer, so I worked on it and I fixed, here is link.

  4. Samina 19 June 2009

    I,m a new user of this website so no comment at that time.

  5. Leonardo 21 June 2009

    esse template naum esta pegando conserta isso!
    I from Brazilian!

  6. ZooTemplates 27 June 2009

    Thank To Convert This Template In Blogger Platform.. I Can Place This Template in MY Template Blog Collection?

  7. skywind 4 July 2009

    A each one small toy is very fine, but the page layout is too small.
    Health information & Humor & Fun World

  8. Cansu 14 July 2009

    beautiful templates, thanks

  9. Anett 16 July 2009

    Great template

  10. Jose 16 July 2009

    veri nice

  11. Jill 9 September 2009

    I love this template. One thing I wish to customize, however, is the welcome box at the top right where I wish to replace my own text. If you can advise me as to how this can be done I would greatly appreciate it.

  12. Marsheila 19 November 2009

    I like this blog, minimalist but not bored

  13. megan 4 April 2010

    question: is it possible to customise the words in the top right that now read “welcome! thank you for visiting my blog”?

  14. Claudia 8 April 2010

    Yes, you can… But you need to find the images named as “header.jpg” and “content_top.png” (in Layout/Edit HTML), download them to your computer and edit them in your image editor (like Photoshop).

  15. Gypsy 12 July 2010

    Can I customize the “about” “contact me” and “FAQs” tabs to titles I have on my link list and then activate them? Right now the only one that works is the “Home” link and I’m not sure what to do with them.

  16. Claudia 12 July 2010

    @Gypsy: Yes, you can. You need to find this code in Design/Edit HTML:

       <li id='nav_home'><a expr:href='data:blog.homepageUrl'><img alt='Home' height='55' src='' width='82'/></a></li>
            <li id='nav_abt'><a href='#'><img alt='About us' height='60' src='' width='76'/></a></li>
            <li id='nav_cat'><a href='mailto:#'><img alt='Contact us' height='37' src='' width='105'/></a></li>
            <li id='nav_faq'><a href='#'><img alt='FAQ' height='50' src='' width='72'/></a></li>
  17. Rachel 8 August 2010

    I cannot download this template. Whenever I try to unzip the file nothing shows up when it is unzipped except two files (one a website link that is blank and the other a pointless word doc). Please Help!

  18. Emma 13 August 2010

    @Claudia: What do I do once I found that code?

  19. Claudia 14 August 2010

    @Emma: Go to your Dashboard, and then click on the “Design” tab. Go to “Edit HTML” and find that code in your template.

  20. BC 11 January 2011

    @Claudia: I found this code. What do I type in instead? I am not familiar with HTML. Thanks.

  21. Claudia 11 January 2011

    @BC: You must out your URLs, in this way:

    <li id='nav_abt'><a href='HTTP://WWW.YOURURL.COM'><img alt='About us' height='60' src='' width='76'/></a></li>

    (It is just an example)

  22. BC 12 January 2011

    @Claudia – thanks! This worked for me.

  23. BC 12 January 2011

    @claudia – any idea on how I get the search box to function?

  24. Claudia 13 January 2011

    @BC: Go to Design/Edit HTML, and find the folloeing line:

    <form action='search/' id='searchform' method='get'>

    Change it by:

    <form action='/search' id='searchform' method='get'>

    Now save changes.

  25. Ducky 2 May 2011

    I love it! <3

  26. yeemun 27 July 2011

    i already download this layout.
    but i found that i can’t unzip this.
    how can i make it? ><
    please teach me.

  27. dayat 24 December 2011

    claudia why the background is faulty on my blog?

  28. fabian 9 April 2012

    hi, can i change the font type on the title? how can i do this?

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