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About Illusion

Illusion is a free Blogger template adapted from WordPress with 2 columns, left sidebar and floral motifs.

Excellent template for blogs about art.

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Author: Claudia.
Designer: .

14 Questions and comments on Illusion

Krisna 27 August 2010 at 22:32

thanks! it’s very nice

↩ Reply
Monaliza 7 September 2010 at 13:13

There’s something wrong with my blog, the space for data, next of post title, have the name undefined, and I don’t know how to fix. Can you help me?

↩ Reply
Claudia 7 September 2010 at 23:27

@Monaliza: Go to Settings/Formatting/Timestamp format -> Wednesday, September 8, 2010.

↩ Reply
Monaliza 17 September 2010 at 7:04

@Claudia I try, but is still wrong.

↩ Reply
Claudia 17 September 2010 at 17:24

@Monaliza: Change the hour format, not the date format.

↩ Reply
Monaliza 18 September 2010 at 16:26

It’s ok, thanks!

↩ Reply
Vanuza 4 October 2010 at 11:16

Obrigada pela dica! Funcionou direitinho!

↩ Reply
Nelly 29 October 2010 at 6:06

i tried to use this layout but i don’t know why it always shows error. do u know why ?

↩ Reply
Claudia 29 October 2010 at 9:52

@Nelly: Error? Where? Can you explain me more, please?

↩ Reply
Juliana 18 November 2010 at 19:24

Eu mudei o formato da data e da hora, mas o erro continou. Ajuda ?

↩ Reply
Claudia 19 November 2010 at 20:36

@Juliana: Go to Settings/Formatting and change the timestamp format (it’s the HOUR, not the date header format) to “Friday, November 19, 2010”.

↩ Reply
Megan 7 February 2011 at 10:52

I love the design of this template but my sidebar is all mashed up and overlapping. I cannot find a way to move the items down. This is my last try at figuring it out before I just scrap it. Can you help?

↩ Reply
Paz 28 December 2011 at 19:15

Can I change the picture of the mona Lisa for another one? Haha, I love this web (: please answer

↩ Reply
Francisco 29 December 2015 at 10:49

Now the template is working again. Thanks for reporting the problem!

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