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International Travel

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International Travel is a free blogger template adapted from WordPress with 2 columns and left sidebar.

Excellent template for blogs about travel.

Download International Travel for free in BTemplates.

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4.2 out of 5 based on 29 bloggers and 15 commenters.
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  1. TheBlogTemplatesā„¢ 14 April 2010

    Interesting Template!

  2. Cassie 17 April 2010

    I cannot get the search to function, it’s simply not clickable, just an image. Can you help, please?

  3. eddy efendy 28 April 2010

    Hai, template very good

    can I use for our company, as I am in travel business.


  4. Amanda 13 July 2010


    How do you get the search function to work? I am not able to click on it.

  5. Amanda 13 July 2010


    Hi – did you ever get an answer to this question?? I am having the same problem. Any advice?

  6. Claudia 13 July 2010

    @Amanda: Go to Design/Edit HTML, and find:

    <!-- /RSS -->

    Place this code below that line:

    <div id='searchform'><form action='/search' method='get'>
    <input class='searchtext' id='s' name='q' type='text' value=''/>
    <input alt='Search' id='searchsubmit' src='' type='image' value=''/>

    Save your template. Does it work?

  7. Amanda 13 July 2010

    Hi Claudia,

    The search works now! The only problem is that when I search for something it automatically changes my blog title to white… when I click back on the title it changes back to orange (the color I changed it to). Do you have any idea what I could do to fix that?

    Thanks for your help!

  8. Amanda 13 July 2010

    Never mind, I got it to work!! Thanks so much for your help. šŸ™‚

  9. vacanze in albania 6 August 2010

    I love this template

  10. Amanda 17 August 2010

    i’m just a beginner in this blog thing..
    how do I put the description under the “welcome” part?


  11. Claudia 17 August 2010

    @Amanda: Go to Design/Page Elements. You will find a gadget named “Introduction” where you can put your own welcome text.

  12. Mike Harness 28 August 2010

    I’m an HTML rookie, need help making the following changes:

    1) Would like all text in Sidebar that is the same size as text in introduction to be same COLOR as text in introduction – how and where can I change that ??
    2) Would like to create some space between bottom of introduction and next header beneath it “Keep In Touch” – how and where can I change that ??
    3) Would like main header (My Travel Agent says …) to be same color as sidebar headers (i.e. Keep In Touch) – how and where can I change that ??
    4) Would like all headers in sidebar to look like the “Blog Archive” header – how and where can I change that ??

    Thanks in advance, hopefully with your advice I can muddle my way through these minor modifications.

    Mike Harness

  13. Mike Harness 31 August 2010


    I have the same problem, how did you fix this ?

    Thanks, MJH

  14. Heather 10 February 2011

    I love this template – but I accidentally deleted the word “Home”, and I would like to add an “About” and “Contact”. How would I do that?


  15. Claudia 13 February 2011

    @Heather: I guess that this template supports pages feature. So, If you want to add more tabs, you must add new pages in Posting/Edit pages/New page.

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