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Template author:Abu Farhan

Mansory is a free blogger template with 3 columns, right sidebar, rounded corners, posts thumbnails and simple look.

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4.2 out of 5 based on 29 bloggers and 12 commenters.
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  1. Judy 1 June 2010

    I really love this template, but… Could anyone be so kind to tell me what should I do if the pager on the bottom doesn’t work for me? I use chrome browser, but I tried other browsers, and the pager still doesn’t work. I would appreciate anyone’s help.

  2. Joel 2 June 2010

    i love this template but how to add the link beside the “home” link?

  3. Abu Farhan 2 June 2010

    @Joel: Create page from blogger dashboard and it will automatic add your page link there

  4. Abu Farhan 2 June 2010

    @Judy: can I see your blog link I’ll check

  5. Claudia 2 June 2010

    @Joel: You must have alt least 9 posts to show in you choose “Show at most 8 posts” in Settings/Formatting. Please, leave your blog URL when you comment.

  6. Jason 3 June 2010

    Very nice template. Is there a way to make all the post the same length. i preview this template on mine and the post length change depending on how long my post was. So is there a way to make them all the same length??? Thax.

  7. Joel 3 June 2010

    i think i got it…. but another problem is the post…. please check and see… the leght changed.

  8. Abu Farhan 3 June 2010

    @Jason: That is masonry effect, the jQuery plugin make no empty space between post

  9. Dav 19 August 2010


    How come when I upload my template, it looks a bit different from yours? As in, the gap between the “Home”, “About”, and “Contact” seems to be rather narrow compared to yours. Also, the gap between the “search” box is also very narrow. Is there a way to widen it like yours? Thanks!

  10. Dav 22 August 2010

    Hello! Is it possible for me to change the background? I wanna keep everything status quo (i.e. the grey boxes, the purple etc.) except the grey background… I have my own wall paper which I want to use. How do I make the change? Thanks!

  11. Gorey 27 October 2010

    Hi Abu. thanks for this great template.
    i have been using this template to create a blog for my boss.(yes she cant do it by herself 🙂 she loved this template at first sight.
    however i have a little problem with my blog now. I was trying to move the search box by playing with the html codes but something got wrong and now the posts on the main page are lined up under each other. i tried to paste the whole html code which copied before but nothings chanded. now there is a gap in between the sidebar and posts. I need your urgent help because I have a meeting with my boss about the blog. please help me!!!!

  12. Vivian 21 July 2011

    Hi Abu

    Firstly, I would like to thank you for creating such a nice template and I love it.

    Secondly, I have downloaded your template to my existing blog and I am facing some problems. As I am new in blogging, I would appreciate if you could help. I am wondering, how do I go about to edit/add new posting to my blog. I am stuck and ‘shock’ to see such a huge changes in the blog. And besides that, the placing/arrangement of the blog is so different from the original ???

    Abu, I hope that you can help me to resolve my problems.

    Hope to hear from you as soon as possible.


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