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Magaling is a free blogger template adapted from WordPress with 2 columns, magazine-styled, rounded corners, ads ready, footer columns, social bookmarking icons and posts thumbnails.

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  1. yeremia 25 May 2011

    how to change twitter account onto my account?

  2. yeremia 25 May 2011

    oo i got it.. thx

  3. Marco 25 May 2011

    very nice, thanx

  4. edo 26 May 2011

    cra mengganti tema blog

  5. prasetyo 27 May 2011

    this bad template
    I can’t delete the tweets

  6. xino 30 May 2011

    i like this, nice, silk and simple looking

  7. samoholic 30 May 2011


    Dashboard >> Design >> Edit HTML >> Check Expand Widgets Templates

    Search for code:

    < a href='http://twitter

    switch the twitter account link to your own.

    Then search for user_timeline

    the beginning of the next line after the "/" is where you'll switch out the "btipandtrick" for your own twitter account name once again.

    Save & view to check if everything works, and you're done!

  8. Confused 8 June 2011

    Is there a way to delete the twitter section entirely? No bird, no tweet quote, nothing in that top part, but also not have a giant gap there?

  9. Confused 8 June 2011

    @Confused: I figured it out, but now I am having a different issue. For some reason, there is no gap between my different posts, which makes them hard to read. Any ideas?

  10. Confused 8 June 2011

    @Confused: Whew, figured that one out too! By changing a line to .post-footer{margin:20px 0;}, I got my gap back between posts!

  11. Bisnis Pulsa 4 July 2011

    nice thema…. i like it.

  12. milos 3 December 2011


    You’re really not helping anyone if you just say “Phew I figured that out” without a single explanation.

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