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Silver mag

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Silver mag is a free blogger template with 3 columns, magazine-styled, right sidebar, ads ready, slider and posts thumbnails.

Download Silver mag for free in BTemplates.

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4.1 out of 5 based on 31 bloggers and 12 commenters.
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  1. Brandon 12 January 2011

    I love the layout, however I am having a difficult time changing the colors.. is there an easy way to do this??

  2. Ben 13 January 2011

    The download only has an XML document and a shortcut. There are no core files and it won’t work on my blog.

    • Claudia 13 January 2011

      @Ben You can find the answer to your questions and more in our FAQ section.

  3. Brandon 13 January 2011

    so about my question??

  4. Rahul Sinha 16 January 2011

    First of all Thankyou for the beautiful template.

    I uploaded the template in my blog but here is my difficulty. When i edit a post I usually put bullets and numbers but when I publish the articles the bullets and numbers are gone. They jus turn into simple paragraph which otherwise are intended to be numbered points.

    Please help me

  5. Rahul Sinha 16 January 2011

    Secondly There are social bookmarks given already on the templates right top. How do I link those social bookmarks to my feed, twitter and feedburner email ?

  6. Brandon 16 January 2011

    Rahul Sinha,

    in your edit HTML section of your blog, CTRL F “Social bookmark html” without the quotes and you can link the social bookmarks to your feeds,etc.

  7. Rahul Sinha 16 January 2011


    Thanks for the info, I got that right. How about my first question, any ideas? I have started learning XML to find a solution lol..

  8. Claudia 18 January 2011

    @Rahul Sinha: Go to Design/Edit HTML and find the following code:

    <li class='first'><a href='#' id='socrss'>Subscribe via RSS</a></li>
    <li class='second'><a href='#' id='twitter'>Follow my tweets</a></li>
    <li class='third'><a href='#' id='email'>Subscribe via Email</a></li>

    You must put your own links there. Afterwards, save changes.

  9. Rahul Sinha 20 January 2011

    Thanks Claudia I got it and correted in my blog. But I still cant figure out how to put bullets and numbering in the blog. I really liked the template but if i am not able to put up the numbering I may have to change the template. Most of my blogs have numbers in it.

  10. MINNIE 25 February 2011

    Is there any way to remove the “Slider” and “Social Bookmark”?
    The XML thing makes me dizzy 🙁

  11. Alice 31 July 2011

    HELP!!! How do you change the pictures at the bottom were they scrool??? Is there a HTLM??

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