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Conventy is a free blogger template adapted from WordPress with 3 columns, magazine-styled, right sidebar, ads ready, footer columns, slider, social bookmarking icons, posts thumbnails, tabs and drop down menu.

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3.9 out of 5 based on 115 bloggers and 35 commenters.
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  1. tutul 20 January 2012

    amazing theme…i just like for my blog…

  2. mpudz 21 January 2012

    cool man..
    i like this..
    urang resep iyeu templet, nyuhunkeun nga donwload ya mister…
    love u ar…

  3. Dr. Heckle 23 January 2012

    This one is very cool. Drop down menus and everything. Nice work.

  4. FunAirz 6 February 2012

    Love this Theme.

  5. Roopa 6 February 2012

    Love this theme. Is there a way to change the featured posts Slide to popular posts?

  6. D3bian Black 9 February 2012

    beautiful, simplemente linda y de buen aspecto 😉

  7. E|lvis Darlan 13 February 2012

    My friend, good afternoon, tell me something, because the slide of my template, will not work, help me please … Thank you!

  8. Latest Tech Tips 24 February 2012

    I have implimented the theme and I am very happy with it. I just wanted to know how do I integrate the Ads to appear at the bottom of the post. Over all I am very happy with the theme thanks a lot very nice theme.

  9. Jaysh 1 March 2012

    Is there anyway to change the color of the secondary menu bar? Say from red to a gradient green/blue? Or change the image of the menu bar, some runaround perhaps… I hope I could get your favorable reply, thank you so much!

  10. Hery 20 March 2012

    woooww beutifulll

  11. shabri 28 March 2012


  12. Berita Satu 20 May 2012

    I will use this awesome template for my blog

  13. altaf 25 May 2012

    great bro great job

  14. Arnob Multimedia 17 July 2012

    It is very nice template.I have imprest. I will use this atractive template.

  15. Kristen 21 July 2012

    I can’t seem to altar the margin beneath the sidebar h2 – I change the number and it doesn’t change the space. Could you help with this? It’s quite a large gap beneath the title and the widget itself.

  16. Akhil 22 July 2012

    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure that all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: Content is not allowed in prolog.

    I am getting a warning like this!

  17. Kristen 1 August 2012

    Has anyone else had a problem with the main page thumbnail photos being squished?

  18. mzrokan 6 September 2012

    thanks gan,,, cakep bener…

  19. vivek khanduri 23 September 2012

    nice theme really like it

  20. Gowardhan Doddi 5 October 2012

    I am using this template,

    I like it very much, and it suits my concept well.

    Thank you Lasantha, for this wonderful template.

    Gowardhan Doddi

  21. Wesly 22 October 2012

    This template is awesome. I love it. I use this for my blog.

  22. Dante 13 January 2013

    I like it a lot! Very elegant!

    Usually, there’s a very little option when it comes to free templates. But not this one!

    Thank you for the hard work!

  23. veronicawiggins 20 January 2013

    I used this conventy template and when adding a new page to my blog I noticed that all the other pages are no longer visible when looking at the site.

  24. egle 22 March 2013

    OMG this is an amazing template! Once I uploaded, it looked PERFECT! I don’t know how to thank..

  25. david dwi r 5 April 2013

    thx for this!! good mann!!!

  26. April 12 November 2013

    is there a way to get the coding for just the slider, it’s awesome. It’ll be very helpful, thanks.

  27. carlos 1 December 2013

    hola, como le cambio los link de la raya roja y como le agrego el slider show..

  28. akbar mahoo 9 December 2013

    izin sedot miiiiiin

  29. Nam Trung 26 December 2013

    Tôi muốn template Conventy hỗ trợ mobile thì đợi phiên bản mới, hay mình chỉnh code thêm để tự nhận giao diện cho mobile.

  30. Brittany 3 January 2014

    Love the template, thanks for posting it!
    I all of a sudden have developed a problem with the slideshow. It is now stuck and will not scroll. The captions also seem to be overlapping. Any ideas?

    • Brittany 3 January 2014

      Nevermind I have figured it out!

  31. Carpenter 4 January 2014

    After each post there is a series of multiple avenues to share the post, I have several social media sites I would like to add such as pinterest, etc. How would I go about doing this?

  32. carolina 6 January 2014

    Tengo un problema, me encanto este diseño, es perfecto para lo que hago,pero no se como cambiar las imagenes, el texto de las pestañas, en fin, alguien me puede ayudar?

  33. AW 4 August 2014

    awesome template, thanks for share

  34. sosos 5 April 2018

    Very nice theme. Well done. Is there a number page navigation script or widget for it? I’ve tried a script of mine but doesn’t work.

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