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Template author:Iksandi

Lugas is a free blogger template with 2 columns, right sidebar, gallery-styled, footer columns, social bookmarking icons, posts thumbnails, related posts support and neutral colors.

Excellent template for blogs about photography.

Download Lugas for free in BTemplates.

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3.8 out of 5 based on 192 bloggers and 73 commenters.
Compatible with:FFChrome


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  1. Olivia 17 July 2013

    anyone know how to create an “about” and “contact” page from the tabs at the top? if anyone can please let me know i would really appreciate it!! I never made a blog before and I’m trying to figure everything out

  2. erwin 26 July 2013


    how do I change the color on header ?
    does anyone know ?

  3. iman 3 September 2013

    thanks for Template ^_^

  4. Paciuga 29 October 2013

    I have a big problem with the post thumbnais..
    In the Lugas Demo there are 3 rows of 5 post (total 15) but I have only one row of 5!!!
    I have planned on Post Setup to display max 20 post for the page….
    I am desperate, because it does not work??!?!?!?
    Thank you for your help!!!!

    • Daniel Jarrett 11 January 2014

      Did you ever find out a solution?

    • eibho 14 January 2014

      I’m having the same problem. Home page only displays 7 posts instead of 15. Very frustrating as the blog doesn’t look complete/professional. If I could even get to ten it would be something as would have two even rows then.

  5. 7 December 2013

    Thanks for this nice gallery Template.

  6. Daniel Jarrett 11 January 2014


    I am using the Lugas template on my blog but cannot seem to display any more than 4 updates on the main page. Any idea how to display more. I have changed the settings to 10 but it doesn’t seem to work.


  7. Lane 27 March 2014

    A few things I’ve discovered that might help others using this template:

    If you have a very long blog post, be sure to include a pagebreak somewhere near the beginning; this will prevent the situation where you don’t get all your max posts to appear on the first page.

    The thumbnail is the first image that is *uploaded* to your blog. It won’t work if you link to a URL; it seems you have to upload it.

    I’ve customized the template quite a bit and removed some of the excess chrome. I’ll be happy to share how I did that if anyone is interested.

    • Carlos 18 April 2014

      Hey!, seems that you know how to use it very well!:
      can you help me?
      All my posts have images but they don´t show, you know why?

    • Reiko 24 April 2014

      Hi Carol,

      I’m having the same problem. Home page only displays 7 posts instead of 15. Appreciate you could help me to solve this problem. Hope to here from you soon. Thanks.

    • Jim 30 March 2015

      I am also having troubles with the thumbnails in the homepage. Some are appeearing others do not. I tried editing the html codes in the blog post, but still got no success. Hope you can help me with this.

  8. Reiko 23 April 2014

    I’m having the same problem. Home page only displays 7 posts instead of 15. Please help.

  9. Martin 19 April 2015

    Tengo el mismo problema. Primero aparecía 8 entradas en el home y ahora aparecen 5. Alguien lo solucionó? Ayuda por favor.

    I have the same problem. First 8 inputs on the home and now appear 5. Someone solved it? Please help.

  10. Alex 25 January 2016

    How can I change the hight of images? I want hight=width. Anybody can helm me?

    • Francisco 14 February 2016

      You can change the image size looking for:

      var image_size=218;

      And the replace the 128 with the size you want. Maybe some CSS needs to be adjusted.

  11. Steve 14 May 2016

    Can you pls help in changing the colour of the thumbnails on the home page….both the text and background above the image and also on hover…thnx

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