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Instructions: How to install a Blogger template
  • To add the slider: search the corresponding file in the template folder, copy and edit the code. and paste it in a new html gadget.
  • To add the social icons: search the corresponding file in the template folder, copy and edit the code. and paste it in a new html gadget.
Template author:Deluxe Templates

OrangeLine is a free blogger template with 3 columns, left and right sidebars, fresh look, slider, social bookmarking icons and gradients.

Excellent template for blogs about internet or software.

Download OrangeLine for free in BTemplates.

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4.2 out of 5 based on 807 bloggers and 197 commenters.
Compatible with:FFIEChrome


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  1. Riki 25 May 2013

    thanks infonya ya..

  2. Vinalista 3 June 2013

    good template is beautiful.

  3. gowes 3 June 2013

    Thank you very much for a template.

  4. piter 9 June 2013

    thank you!

  5. piter 9 June 2013

    thank you! veryyy much!!!

  6. Shariful Islam Razu 12 June 2013

    Thanks for publishing another great template for us. This is best for any technology related blog. The color and the looking of this template is professional. I think its wise to use this template for a good technology or tutorials blog.

  7. Tạ Trần Khánh 12 June 2013

    Thanks for your sharing. It’s great template.

  8. nafees 13 June 2013

    can u please exlain how to remove that default slideshow?

  9. shan 20 June 2013

    how do i change posts of the slide…please

  10. fridayinlove 22 June 2013

    Thanks for the great template.

  11. Nathan 22 June 2013

    Love this design. Just had a few questions about color and design options.

    How would I add drop down menus to the navbar?

    How, if possible could I change the background and bars to match our group colors?

    Thank you again.

  12. smstreffen 24 June 2013

    Awesome blog template. Thanks for it.

  13. hokky 28 June 2013

    I like it,templatenya bagus sekali…

  14. Allonger son zizi 11 July 2013

    Thank you , All those free templates, so great!!

  15. cassidy 11 July 2013

    I am wondering how you get the blank white screens that appear in between each slide to be removed? It is quite annoying, I would rather it just go to the next slide? Please advise?

  16. cassidy 11 July 2013

    I am wondering why the white screen appears in between each slide? I would rather it go to the next slide instead of a white screen in between.

  17. Jethin 11 July 2013

    I liked this blog template. Could you tell me how to increase the width of each section which will help me a lot.

    Please could you tell me under where in the code I have to edit the code to increase the width of all the 3 sections of the template

  18. Cassidy 13 July 2013

    I figured it out. If you make a post, and paste the featured post code, then you go out of html mode into design mode, blogger automatically adds a blogger url into the #fp-next and #fp-previous, thus giving you a blank white page in between each slide. So basically, on the featured post, don’t ever go into design mode or it might do this. Also, it might have just been the code pasted from orangeline, because I took the featured post code from an earlier version, and that also fixed it..

  19. Dedih 17 July 2013

    Kode html nya mana yah!!!!

  20. Đèn led 29 July 2013

    It’s Great!

  21. conankudo 16 August 2013

    I like this blog template, it’s very nice but when I downloaded it and use for my blog, It’s doesn’t have slideshow. Can you tell me what I should do? Thank you so much!

  22. wustamaji 17 August 2013

    terima kasih templet is good…..thank<s…

  23. lrt 31 August 2013

    It’d be nice if you actually listed instructions on this – Like:

    1) Download
    2) Do xxx
    3) Then do XXX

    I have no idea how to incorporate the template in my blogger account.


  24. Fabiano 15 September 2013

    Otimo! Baixei 1 e funciou 100%

  25. amir 1 October 2013

    thank you

  26. Bookunmie 20 October 2013

    This template is so so right. I really l♡ve it.

  27. mr. Man 20 October 2013

    Great template…I like it so much.

  28. hamza zecha 22 October 2013
  29. Bukunmi 22 October 2013

    Great theme.

  30. rhuan henryque 6 November 2013

    muito bom

  31. cassidy 6 November 2013

    If anyone needs help installing the template, or if you have Amy specific questions, I am willing to help. Just shoot me an email. Cassidy.summers at

  32. yusuf 7 November 2013

    i need instruction on how to use the template for my blog .

  33. yenni 11 November 2013

    Ijin download

  34. TA 13 November 2013

    How can I find this blue wallpaper

  35. India Travel Agent 21 November 2013

    You have good template, Beautiful Created, I Like This.

  36. Muhammad B Arifin 21 November 2013

    Thanks, I like it

  37. Ve may bay di hong kong 27 November 2013

    i like it thanhks

  38. Saeed 28 November 2013

    great template man. thanks.

  39. Saeed 28 November 2013

    Please tell the method of increasing width of content.
    Please tell the method of increasing width of content.
    Please tell the method of increasing width of content.
    Please tell the method of increasing width of content.
    Please tell the method of increasing width of content.
    Please tell the method of increasing width of content.


  40. TEJAS 12 December 2013

    this is nice template and user friendly , thanks.

  41. Wonderful English Websites Directories 13 December 2013

    this is a cool website,thanks!I am loving it!

  42. Laeeq Ahmad 28 December 2013

    Very beautiful Template. Thanks for sharing

  43. budi 29 December 2013

    Thank you for sharing this theme.I would like to use this.

  44. budi 29 December 2013

    Thank you.

  45. pouria 2 January 2014

    i cant download it . help me how i can

  46. cassidy 2 January 2014

    Click the download button (save the file somewhere on your hard drive where you can find it). This should get you a zip file. Go to the zip file. Read any help text docs. Ill be making a how to video for everyone so this should ease some pain.

  47. hmi service in Chennai 10 January 2014

    wow very nice information.

    thanks & regards


  48. Rezky Bayusetya 11 January 2014

    wow the template is so nice , i use it for my blog ,thanks

  49. sai 20 January 2014

    We were unable to save your template.

    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure that all XML elements are closed properly. XML error message:
    Content is not allowed in prolog.

    how to upload template…..

  50. obat pelangsing perut 22 January 2014

    Terima kasih informasinya bagus, ditunggu info terbarunya lagi.
    Thanks Guys, Good luck !

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