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SkyBlue is a free blogger template with 1 column, responsive design, gallery-styled, fresh look, rounded corners, an exclusive design for Blogger, footer columns, social bookmarking icons, posts thumbnails, drop down menu, breadcrumbs, well designed threaded comments and girly looking.

Excellent template for blogs about any general topic, crafts, movies or photography.

Download SkyBlue for free in BTemplates.

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4.1 out of 5 based on 692 bloggers and 213 commenters.
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  1. smk al muwazanah 15 May 2013


  2. Ghullam Murtaza 20 May 2013

    Its really a nice layout,i really love it


  3. tiket pesawat 20 May 2013

    Very nice this template

  4. AL 25 May 2013

    Hello, thanks a lot.
    I installed it on my blog, but I would like to know how to choose the main image of an article ?
    By default, it’s the first image, but I’d like to choose the one I want to.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Zubair 6 February 2014


  5. ajay kumar 10 June 2013


  6. Ashokkumar 12 June 2013

    wonder ful

  7. Koray 14 June 2013

    In my blog, first box is not in the same line with others. Like the picture above. I was fixed that, but i forgot to save it.

    • Koray 14 June 2013

      What should i do?

  8. Mithun Biswas 15 June 2013

    Very nice templete!

  9. Reza 19 June 2013

    Hi i love this template and thank you for awesome template 😀
    can i ask something? date in posted have trouble. date doesn’t appear , instead show “undefinedundefinedundefined” please help me
    thank you

  10. Juliana 3 July 2013

    Olá, alguém poderia me ajudar? Não consigo fazer upload do templante. Aparece a seguinte mensagem:
    Não foi possível salvar seu modelo.
    O modelo não pode ser analisado em função de um problema em sua formatação. Verifique se todos os elementos XML estão fechados corretamente. Mensagem de erro XML:
    Content is not allowed in prolog.

    • Framia 24 July 2013

      1º Descompacte o arquivo do download, baixe o descompactador WinRar, pra descompactar clique com o botão esquerdo sobre o arquivo do download e selecione [extrair arquivos/extract files] ou [extrair aqui/extract here]. Vc seleciona onde salvar o arquivo xml.

      2º Depois vá em modelo do blog, clique no canto superior direito na opção [fazer backup/restaurar], vai abrir uma janela onde você tem a opção de fazer download do seu modelo atual e a opção de instalar um novo modelo. Clique na segunda opção e faça upload do arquivo [.xml] extraído anteriormente.

      Espero ter ajudado. ^-^

  11. Mehek 15 July 2013

    Can anyone please tell me how can I link pages to the topmost tabs in this template?

  12. Nasroel 19 July 2013

    tthat’s good, I’m new bie here could u visit my blog at (

  13. amirah 20 July 2013

    nice blog and i love the blog…

  14. Shayari 25 July 2013

    The template you give with the download link is truly outstanding and really very useful. Its very commendable and very informative, delightful as well.

  15. morganaeffect 1 August 2013

    Does anyone know if it’s possibile enter as many post all on the same page and to avoid the ‘prev’ ‘next’ button? Like Pinterest I mean…
    Thank you!

  16. Cyntia Liona Mark 1 August 2013

    Nice template blogger..

  17. WeronikaZ 3 August 2013

    Thanks for nice blog template!

  18. Joe Radzif 11 August 2013

    Good day,

    I have problem.
    at the frontpage – items appear Author, Comment & Post
    Post stated – undefineundefineundefine

    how to hide ‘post’ from the frontpage.


  19. Mari 15 August 2013

    I love this template 🙂
    but I have a little question
    Is it possible to use a picture as background instead of the defaut light blue?

  20. Princewill Ejikeme 24 August 2013

    Excellent blogspot template with good design. I will be using it pretty soon. Thanks to Google!

  21. Princewill Ejikeme 24 August 2013

    Excellent blogger template with good design. I will be using it pretty soon. Thanks!

  22. hafsari 29 August 2013

    nice template but colom in post play 4 only

  23. nurifai eliyas 6 September 2013

    trima kasih

  24. 18 September 2013

    this temp.. is very good.very use ful for my blog.

  25. Shahid 26 September 2013

    look how much good its looking on my blog i cutomized it myself

  26. Sopnil kumar 4 October 2013

    Hi friend,
    how are you ?

  27. Luna 5 October 2013

    Hola quisiera saber como hago para que cada submenu se enlace a un contenido

  28. saharsh jian 8 October 2013

    now that what m talking bout really awesome template ,might see the same on my blog

  29. aneel riaz 22 October 2013

    really cool theme.nice color and effects, i must try at my blog.

  30. ika 22 October 2013


  31. Anonym 31 October 2013

    matur nuwun dhumateng admin.

  32. The Blog Widgets 4 November 2013

    What a great template you got here.

  33. ashish 5 November 2013

    Awesome template!! i will use this in one of my blogs. thanks

  34. Apk Download 5 November 2013

    Cool template for blogger. it can be used as a tech blog.

  35. Info [K-moe] 6 November 2013

    Disini emang gudangnya template

  36. Limitless 7 November 2013


    ¿How can I activate the pull down menu? I mean…There’s the first menu: About, Contact…And under…you can find a pull down menu that appear with words in Latin. I make click on it but nothing happens.
    I want make click on the pull down menus and then go to other pages of my site..of my blog.


    ¿Como puedo modificar los submenús? Hago click sobre ellos pero no voy a ningún sitio. ¿Cómo activarlos para hace que el usuario vaya a otra parte de mi blog?


  37. medo tw 11 November 2013

    thanks man

  38. salim akter 12 November 2013

    Thank you for sharing ‘sky blue’template. I already install it and it become a amazing template.

  39. al2afdall 12 November 2013

    nice template.

  40. Mahendran 15 December 2013

    Really Super Template. Thanks to the creator

  41. kollan 29 December 2013

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  42. apparaochalak 10 January 2014


  43. Stive 22 January 2014

    Woo it’s great design! may i share this template in my blog?
    Thanks for this template.

  44. obat pelangsing perut 22 January 2014

    Terima kasih informasinya keren templatenya, ditunggu info terbarunya lagi.
    Thanks Guys, Good luck !

  45. THALITA PULSA RELOAD 27 January 2014

    manteb banget templatenya. izin sedot gan

  46. abdo 30 January 2014

    Niice Template

  47. Zyapim 3 February 2014

    Very Nice Template!! Nice Job Sir.

  48. usican 8 February 2014


  49. chandan saraka 12 February 2014

    how to creat blog

  50. security service in Chennai 15 February 2014

    wow very nice information ,it’s more help to me. Please keep posting like this.

    thanks & regards


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