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02 Oct

Blogger in one image.

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Amanda, BloggerBuster writer, realising that there wasn’t a proper infographic about Blogger gives us one very complete; with the evolution timeline of the service, the main features, current statistics and ten good reasons to use the Google’s blogging platform.


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  1. Karthikh Venkat December 30, 2012

    This is really cool 🙂 Always Blogger is Awesome !! 🙂
    Great InfoGrahic 🙂 I’m lovin it !!!

  2. Currently I use Blogger and I feel great these changes also were necessary since there is much competition in the market, of course this leads to better service for users. Again I feel great.

  3. It was great but now it is full of spammers. It reminds me of services which provided free websites in the past.

    Think people should move to their own hosting and domain names if they plan to become serios bloggers.

  4. Thanks for posting this! I especially liked the Evolution of the Blogger and the Journey of a Successful Post. Truth is I still have to explain to some people that the blog has evolved far from the notion of (just) an online diary, and now I know such a notion is more than 10 years out of date…. The Journey of a Successful Post is useful for showing people why it is so important to have sharing capability in all posted content. Thanks again!

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  6. Hello! How can I remowe the “Popular Posts” from Putih pekat template :)?

  7. Hello! How can I remowe the “Popular Posts” from putih pekat template :)? NEED HELP

  8. 🙂

  9. I downloaded “Copper Rocker”theme and all attachments. I thought I could add attachments in the layout, but I guess not. How do I add them to the blog? I cannot figure it out. Thank you for your help.

  10. Nice to have so much info from this website.
    Please tell me that, can we freely use these free templates for commercial use – like for a website that generates revenue through adsense???

  11. fblogbaru May 26, 2013

    nice template i will use it

  12. Pssr inspections June 5, 2013

    some of them are good collection. And it seems the minimalistic theme has been dominating the web design trends recently…!!!

  13. sudesh June 8, 2013

    nice template so worldwide travelling & enjoy shopping@home.

  14. Some impressive numbers there – blogger has certainly moved well with changing trends and is still relevant today.


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Tutorials, tips and tricks about Blogger