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Baby Cute

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Template author: Ipietoon

Baby Cute is a free blogger template with 2 columns, right sidebar, fresh look and vectorial elements.

Excellent layout for blogs about girls or kids.

Download Baby Cute for free in BTemplates.

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4.1 out of 5 based on 71 bloggers and 21 commenters.

Comments about Baby Cute blogspot template

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  1. Regina 10 March 2009

    Hi! I love this theme and now it’s in my blog, but i have a problem, i dont’t like the number of post in the index and i need to know how change the number the html code, because whith the tool of blogger it dosen’t works.

  2. Regina 10 March 2009

    i don’t know how but it’s ok now!

  3. joey 14 April 2009

    may i know how to use it ???

  4. Shara 19 May 2009

    I can’t get it to work, but I LOVE it! How can you fix it if it tells you it’s “not well formed?”

  5. Chaucey 15 July 2009

    Thankyou. This is a super cute template and it looks great on my blog. What an improvement.
    Thanks again!

  6. Jeannine McCloskey 8 August 2009

    I love this template. Thank you very much. My EDIT button does not seem to react. Is something wrong?

  7. noor 23 October 2009


    Am using this template as it so much..but I cant edit the fonts and also color… it forbided or what..

    can someone help..

  8. booyo 7 January 2010

    Hello everybody!!
    I really loved this one, so much!

    But I can`t put it t my blog. How can I use it? please?

    Firstly, I downloaded it. then???

    Please !!!!! Help me!!! pls!!!

    Looking forward to all of ur replies!!!!! pls!!!!

  9. Claudia 7 January 2010

    Download it and unzip the file (with izaarc, winrar, winzip or a similar software). Then read the readme file attached and read our FAQ too.

  10. booyo 9 January 2010

    Hello Claudia!

    Thank you for you reply!

    yea, I downloaded it & also Winrar.
    But I can`t unzip it on Winrar.
    How can I unzip this file, on Winrar, pls?

    After , Unzip. Should I copy the all codes(HTML codes), then paste them instead of old codes? right?

    Looking forward to receiving ur reply!


  11. Claudia 9 January 2010

    Try with izaarc, which is completely free. Do not copy and paste anything, just follow the instructions and upload the xml file to your blog 😉

  12. Veronika 9 March 2010

    how could I enter a third column for google adwords for ex. between post and website navigation?
    Thanks for your help.

  13. beltxo 12 March 2010

    ya tengo escojida la plantilla pero no de como enpear a meter dato

  14. Mode Enfants 18 June 2010

    Using it for my blog but I dont have de pagination links previous / next. How could I fix it ?

  15. Claudia 19 June 2010

    @Mode Enfants: The pagination links were added properly to this template. Please, check your settings for the number of posts to be shown in Settings -> Formatting > Show at most (7) posts.

  16. Monik 29 June 2010

    Hey there,

    How do I add a third column to this layout?

  17. Monika 29 June 2010

    OK let me try that again, I clicked submit too soon. I was wondering how I add a third column to this layout. Cheers, Monika

  18. Jennifer 29 July 2010

    How do you change the Edit, Posts RSS and Comments RSS links to something else?

  19. azkia 23 March 2011

    Hallo i love this template, i wil put your template on my blog…thanks alot

  20. patchara 8 December 2011

    Hi, I got this template on my site. How I change font type in my blog post? I try to change font type in body-post but I can’t see the result.

  21. sasa 8 July 2014

    How cute template it is ,love it.

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