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Diary Online

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Template author:ChicaBlogger

Diary Online is a free blogger template adapted from WordPress with 2 columns and right sidebar.

Excellent template for blogs about art or fantasy.

Download Diary Online for free in BTemplates.

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  1. Caroll 18 November 2008

    Lindo Template,

  2. Linda 20 December 2008

    I cannot get the background on this one to display properly. I am using blogger but I have a custom domain. Do I need to change the background links? If so, how? My heart is set on using this template for this blog. Please help. Thanks, Linda

  3. Claudia 20 December 2008

    Maybe you could change the hosting of the images to imageshack or photobucket 馃槈

  4. Linda 20 December 2008

    I will try if I can find all of the images Claudia. The code says there are four images but I can only find the first one for the main part of the background. Anything I try and click says img01. Where are the other three?

  5. Claudia 30 December 2008

    That’s the image you have to download to your desktop 馃槈 Then, upload it to photobucket or imageshack and replace the link.

  6. Gabriela 1 January 2009

    I’Cant change the header “Diary on line, your description…” to my blog title.
    what is wrong?

  7. Abeerah 3 January 2009

    hi.. I cannot change the ‘Diary online.. your description goes here’ either

  8. Manda 6 January 2009

    Thank you! I’m using this template now. 馃檪

    You change the ‘Diary Online’ & ‘Your description…’ in ‘Edit Template’. Just search for these words in the code and you can change them from there.

  9. Trisha 11 January 2009

    Manda, I tried that, but it still doesn’t work.

  10. Amber 12 January 2009

    I just downloaded, added, and edited it… you have to scroll down pretty far into the html coding…

    Works for me & looks great! Thanks!

  11. Trisha 12 January 2009

    Thanks Amber, I fixed it! (:

  12. Cris 24 January 2009

    Esta muy lindo, pero quiero saber como puedo escribir lo q yo quiero en donde dice “Your description here” o algo asi
    Me podrian decir?
    Hermoso fondo
    Besos Bye

  13. brlab 19 February 2009

    I lost the blogger navigation bar….is there any way to get that back at the top? Also, any way I can change the font of the title at the top? It’s currently blue, but my “description” is running into the swirls at the top (also blue) and some of the letters are hard to read. LOVE this layout – thank you!!

  14. CLARA 21 February 2009

    Hola, no me deja cambiar la plantilla, me avisa el siguiente mensaje:

    “Est谩n a punto de suprimirse los artilugios
    Por favor, confirma que los siguientes artilugios deben borrarse. Se borrar谩 toda la informaci贸n de configuraci贸n de los artilugios.

    Y cuando le confirmo que borre me manda el siguiente error

    “Lo sentimos, pero no hemos podido llevar a cabo tu petici贸n.
    Al notificar este error al servicio de asistencia de Blogger o al grupo de ayuda de Blogger:

    Describe lo que estabas haciendo cuando recibiste este error.
    Proporciona el siguiente c贸digo de error e informaci贸n adicional.
    Informaci贸n adicional
    blogID: 6094089294989292435
    uri: /html”

    Blogger Template Style
    Name: 565
    Designer: Douglas Bowman
    Date: 28 Feb 2004
    Updated by: Blogger Team

  15. Sheri 2 March 2009

    Ok… So I downloaded this template, and unzipped the file. It won鈥檛 upload correctly to my Blogger though. I followed the instructions and tried to upload the actual file. It won’t do that. It gives me an error. So I copied and pasted the code into the Edit HTML section. That didn’t work. I got an error code again. I clicked on revert to classic template and tried both ways again. I still get an error message after I save it. I鈥檓 not sure what to do to get it to upload correctly. It opens the file with the Note Book writing program on my laptop. It says the program to open it with is the XML Editor program, but I don鈥檛 have that on my computer. Is that why it won鈥檛 work?

  16. sole 24 March 2009

    i love it ! but i can’t change that diary online, your description goes here, hahaah heeelp !
    HELP! 馃檨

  17. Elizabeth 13 May 2009

    I love this one! I have it on my blog and I couldn’t be happier!

  18. Aliza 15 May 2009

    in the part Diary online.. Your description goes here,
    you can change that in edit template. It’s not in the theme name. When your in the edit template already just press “CTRL F” then type your description goes here at the bottom then you’ll find it. just edit it.

  19. Alexei 28 September 2010

    @CLARA: Clara, donde conseguiste el Blogger Template Style de Douglas Bowman , podrias decirmelo..?

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