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WP-Polaroid is a free blogger template adapted from WordPress with 3 columns, magazine-styled, right sidebar and web 2.0 design.

Excellent template for blogs about entertainment, internet, people or photography.

Download WP-Polaroid for free in BTemplates.

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4.2 out of 5 based on 53 bloggers and 23 commenters.


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  1. dhonjason 15 September 2008

    All of the photos align to the left and the all the text goes to the photos right even if you set the photos centered and the text under the photo.

    And also, each blog post does not break properly.

    check my test site:

    Let me hear you thoughts. please help.

  2. Claudia 21 September 2008

    Change the size of the pic to fit in the polaroid 😉

  3. dhonjason 22 September 2008

    The size of the pic to fit the polaroid wasnt really my top concern. but the column for blog posts. You can see with the link that its not displayed properly.

  4. LMKIA 14 October 2008

    Where do I edit the menu bar–the About Me, etc? I want to use different links or point to certain pages, but can’t find that in the code or in the edit template page.

  5. Rache 19 December 2008

    I tried this in and I like it. But how can I change the navigation pages on the top? Hope you can help me with that, Thanks!

  6. 22 April 2009

    Having the same problem as LMKIA. Ideally I would like to remove the navigation bar altogether. Anyone had any success with this or know how to do it?

  7. Prasoon Joshi 23 May 2009

    I’ve used this template on my blog ( Gave me a good reader feedback.

  8. Katerina 25 July 2009

    Is it possible to customize the picture of the dog by putting up another image? Where can I do that?

  9. Seti@wan Dirgant@Ra 19 September 2009

    nice template

  10. jenny 24 October 2009

    I am finding that the comments link is broken? Anyone else having this or have I foobarred it all up? To change the nav bar, click on expand widget template and click ctr+f to search for the terms, then add in your own HOME in place of the code that is there. You can find it when you open up the template all the way. I was even able to change out the picture with a rotating slideshow – it’s just the comments I’m having trouble getting to work.

  11. kisah teladan 27 October 2009

    nice template.. i donload

  12. Seever 23 November 2009

    i wish i could change the title of ‘MYARCHIVE’ into something else but i can’t find it in the edit HTML ? anyone can help ?

  13. Claudia 25 November 2009

    Use the search bar in your browser. If you’re using Mozilla Firefox, press Ctrl+F.

  14. Seever 1 December 2009

    Hey Claudia!

    thanks for the reply, really greatly appreciated, i’ve removed the Archive in ‘Page Element’ then re-set it with new Title that’s how i fixed it but thanks to your majesty ..

    another question to your highness is that: how can i activate ‘POST COMMENT’ in this incredible template, i mean in every post when i’m trying to post a comment under the posts it is not working! don’t know why! any instructions for your majesty ? ..

    kind regards .

  15. Seever 1 December 2009

    correction : any instructions FROM your majesty!

  16. slagunov 21 January 2010

    Yes, dont work form COMMENTS – idont see it. Help

  17. Claudia 21 January 2010

    In some oldies, the embebed contact form does not appear. That is the reason you need to read our FAQ 😉

  18. Grimal 20 May 2010

    @Prasoon Joshi:
    I like your blog, but I can’t write comments, why it doesn’t work in my blog?

    And, how do you modify the navigator bar?

    • Claudia 20 May 2010

      @Grimal You can find the answer to your questions and more in our FAQ section.

  19. Zidani 26 July 2010

    The Link Is Dead

  20. baja ringan murah 17 February 2014

    trimaksih Ilmunya..
    berkah buat admin
    bermanfaat buat saya
    majulah Blogger Indonesia

  21. dheeraj 11 September 2014


  22. dheeraj 11 September 2014


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