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Conservative American

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Template author:Zonacerebral

Conservative American is a free blogger template adapted from WordPress with 2 columns, magazine-styled, web 2.0 design, rounded corners and slider.

Excellent template for blogs about business, culture or photography.

Download Conservative American for free in BTemplates.

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3.4 out of 5 based on 153 bloggers and 20 commenters.


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  1. sevan 22 May 2009

    tnx very nice template

  2. Lance 22 May 2009

    Awesome template. Thanks.

  3. Kevin 22 May 2009

    How to u translate to english?
    Because the “Continue Reading” is not changable?

  4. Claudia 23 May 2009

    Everything is changable. Just search the words you want to change (in HTML edition).

  5. Alvaris Falcon 24 May 2009

    Extremely nice color combination!

  6. Lance 24 May 2009

    Does anyone have this in English?


  7. Deluxe Templates 25 May 2009

    I have made some edit for this template, is easy to install and to customize, link

  8. Daostudio 27 May 2009

    I will try this theme, look so nice.

  9. Carol 31 May 2009

    Love this template but hate the colors also noticed it does not work with loudappeal anyone any ideas?

  10. Sharon 1 June 2009

    Does anyone else have a problem that to use an American Patriotic template, that I need a friggin spanish translator? I am so pissed right now…this is unbelievable.
    I will not use this template and this is an insult to all red blooded English speaking Americans.

  11. Lyz 8 June 2009

    As opposed to the green-blooded Americans? Or maybe those of us with purple blood?
    Don’t be ignorant.

  12. The Definitive Guide to the NWO 5 July 2009

    Thanks, for the template with a few tweaks this might work out fine for me. The Spanish does suck though and would be nice to see an English version right out of the box. Or, maybe Japanese?

  13. galleca 15 July 2009

    how did you make the featured posts? where will i get that gadget?

  14. alex 16 July 2009

    buen templates

  15. Johnson 7 September 2009

    Don’t be angry that it’s in Spanish. America outsources all their labour, why not their blogger templates too? If this was an American made template it probably would have stopped working long ago or otherwise required a government bailout in order to stay functional…

  16. Amanda 21 October 2009

    Actually, this template WAS American made, but for a website (designed for the group “The Conservative American” I would imagine) It was converted to a Blogger template by a Spanish speaking company and is legal under Creative Commons Usage. Meaning you have to keep the footer notes in tact; giving credit where credit is due! 🙂

  17. The Son 26 November 2009

    how do u get rid of the “Continuar leyendo” and the “Archivado en:” at the bottom of each post? please help…thanks.

  18. Jessica 20 January 2010

    The “continue reading” part must be written into the JavaScript somewhere because I am not able to locate it in the edit HTML section… =/

    Otherwise this is a beautiful layout and I’d love to use it!

  19. Claudia 21 January 2010

    Click on the box “Expand widget templates” 😉

  20. NEP 20 May 2013

    When I tried to install this theme on my blog, it says “missing style.css stylesheet”.

    Do you have this file?

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