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Gallery is a free blogger template with 3 columns, right sidebar, gallery-styled, minimalist and posts thumbnails.

Excellent template for blogs about photography.

Download Gallery for free in BTemplates.

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4.3 out of 5 based on 344 bloggers and 78 commenters.
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  1. Claudia 23 July 2010

    @risnandar: Maybe you are showing too much content in your blog. Blogger paginates your blog autocamically when your homepage is too heavy. The easiest solution is to reduce the size and weight of your pictures and the number of widgets and javascript elements.

  2. wilco 26 July 2010

    It looks good only for landscape photo. For portrait photo, it squeeze and looks pretty bad at the front page.

  3. wilco 26 July 2010

    I wish it can post portrait mode too.

  4. andrea 4 August 2010

    Hi all,
    I used Gallery template for my blog… what do you think about http//

    I’d like if you comment my photos, too!

    Thanks a lot in advance,

  5. wilco 4 August 2010

    Hi Andrea,

    It is nice photo blog but as I mentioned before, this template lacks for portrait photo to properly show it.


  6. Alina 12 August 2010

    Hai..nice template but i have problems with it.I have done everything but still cannot figure how to do it.Hope someone will help me with the problem.
    How do I place information into the navigation bar (About,Help,Contact) buttons at the top of the template?


  7. mangjoy 16 August 2010

    Top template, keep working guys, thanx

  8. math teacher 17 August 2010

    super blogger template

  9. Arindam 1 October 2010

    dis is a great one!!
    thank you..

  10. tokusatsu 30 October 2010

    why that appear only 2 posts?
    see my blog

  11. Pablo 1 January 2011

    Para todos los que les da el error “zx” en el feed, hay que poner la línea:

    abajo de


  12. Claudia 1 January 2011

    @Pablo: Pablo, por favor pon tus códigos de la siguiente forma:



  13. Ane 6 January 2011

    Hola Claudia! Gracias por tu plantilla es genial. Solo tengo una pregunta. Cual es el tamaño adecuado que deben tener las fotografías para que se muestren adecuadamente en cada cuadro de la galería. Es para ir reduciendo mis fotografías y que encajen en ellas. Gracias Claudia.

  14. Selahattin 24 January 2011

    I try to use this beautiful template. I replaced navmenu by drop-down style navmenu. But, menu items are shown at the back of post summary images. You can see what happens at my test site .
    Is there anybody how I can solve this conflict , please?
    Thanks at advance

  15. Thiago 6 March 2011

    Chicos, Sei hacer para abrir el posted, haga clic en la imagen

    No se puede poner el código aquí y explicar por qué es un poco largo, y creo que no se puede enviar el enlace.

    Para aquellos que quieren comprar si realmente estoy diciendo la verdad, basta con hacer clic en mi nombre arriba a abrir mi sitio y ver.

    Lo siento por los errores de escritura, porque soy brasileño.

  16. Leticia 16 April 2011

    I’m trying to get the same layout as shown on this template but have not succeded, I’ve managed to get one photo on the left hand corner and the rest, well I do not know where they’ve gone, HELP!!! Also when I type my name it shows”Sorry, the page you were looking for in the blog Leticia J Larcher does not exist.”??? how can I get it to look like the template above? Thanks

  17. Thiago 16 April 2011

    See my model by clicking on my name. My layout opens when you click the photo who want to post the same model download it here:

    Sorry for the mistakes is that I’m from Brazil and do not speak English

  18. raj 2 June 2011

    amazing templete i m adding this to my website

  19. Holly 30 November 2011

    if there is a fix that actually works to display portrait images I’d love to know what it is…i know there is some issue with the autothumb code…i have tried to replace, alter it, fix it…nothing works..when I get the images in portrait looking correct than images become unclickable

  20. Jackie 22 January 2012

    How do I change the color of the background??

  21. nsien tom 8 July 2012

    i love it

  22. Berlinda 31 July 2012


    I really love this template but am facing some problems with it. It seems not to be appearing properly as it should be. Can someone help?

    Thank you.

  23. juni 9 August 2012

    Nice template 🙂

  24. panduan 8 December 2012

    sangat keren, inspiratif. thank you.

  25. Phoneservis 19 January 2013

    Tampilannya bagus, nanti aku pasang d’blog aku deh 🙂

  26. nk 21 May 2013

    this template not work

  27. roshan 2 March 2014

    thank you so much friend for this template…… big help…thanks again…!

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