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Papeles y color

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Template author:Amuki

Papeles y color is a free blogger template with 3 columns, right sidebar, rounded corners and grunge style.

Excellent template for blogs about art.

Download Papeles y color for free in BTemplates.

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4.2 out of 5 based on 110 bloggers and 20 commenters.


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  1. The Huy 1 April 2009

    Awesome template. Thanks alot! ^^

  2. katikat 2 April 2009

    Do you have this for WordPress? 🙂

  3. christiane 2 April 2009

    It’s perfect! Fabulous!

    But… How can i cofigure the calendar(archive) and date (post)??

  4. christiane 2 April 2009

    É um template lindo mesmo! Mas quando instalamos aparecem muitas falhas…

    > Não consegui configurar a data do post;
    > A paginação também não funcionou (ao invés de aparecerem as postagens mais antigas, a página ficou toda desconfigurada
    > O “diferencial” anunciado de “esconder a barra lateral p/ aumentar a área do post” não funciona nem na “demo”;
    > Quando clicamos nos ícones para aumentar ou diminuir a letra, ele redireciona para a página “demo”…

    É realmente uma pena, pois o lay-out é perfeito! 🙁

    (And sorry… I don’t know how to say everything in english…)

  5. Barack Obama State 5 April 2009

    We used it for our Barack Obama State video blog at blogspot

  6. Ayuda 6 April 2009

    Para que funcionen los servicios de la plantilla, deben alojar los script en su propio servidor. Los mismos podrán ser descargados desde este enlace: Descargar script de plantilla papeles y color

  7. Kitta 13 April 2009

    as I take off this name PAPELES Y COLOR?

  8. Ayuda 14 April 2009

    Ve a la pestaña Configuración, ahí en la opción título y Descripción podrás cambiar el nombre PAPELES Y COLOR y la descripción Lorem ipsum…

  9. Sandy 15 April 2009

    ok, I am new at this so please help me a bit.

    I love this template and I loaded it onto my blog, but I can’t fine the bar (which on blogspot would be at the top of the page) which has the customize, account, etc. controls on it. What am I doing wrong???

    Also is there anyway to get this template in english??

    Thank you, Sandy

  10. Eunice 18 April 2009

    Dice que esta mal hecha la plantilla ¿qué puedo hacer?, sólo salen cuadros y algunas letras

  11. Ayuda 20 April 2009

    Visiten el enlace Installation and settings y podrán descargar la plantilla original y los script para alojarlos en su propio servidor y de esta manera les funcionarán todos los servicios de la plantilla.

  12. ClarinetFreak 24 April 2009

    Deben de hacer uno en Ingles. Muchas personas lo quierren usar, y no pudeden.

    Buen trajabjo en lo demas! 🙂

  13. louise 3 June 2009

    i like it, but how do you get things to be in English? is this possible? thanks.

  14. emily 10 June 2009

    I cannot get the downloaded file to upload properly into blogger. it says there are errors and unsupported parts. help?

  15. syima 22 June 2009

    it’s in other language than english. how can i solve this?

  16. kat 22 June 2009

    I like this look – does it come in english?
    Can the titles be changed easily?

  17. qodam 4 July 2009

    so, there are answers! but we just having problem with the language, hehe ithought iwas the only one, pity.. a good template 🙂

  18. afi 2 December 2009

    awesome template!!!!

    thanks 🙂

  19. meowie 11 June 2011

    Lovely template! Is there a way that to put a slideshow of featured posts in the big orange box on the right side bar? It seems like it’s only used for the ads. You see, I’m going to use it for an personal blog, but I have no plans of monetizing it. Any help would be great! Thanks in advance for whoever who answers! 🙂

  20. maria agurto 10 September 2011

    me encanta tu template y mucho mas que eres Ecuatoriana como yo..porfavor necesito ayuda sobre como quitar uno de las entradas del blog ya que me aparecn dos y todos los post salen doble en mi pagina. le hago click en edit pero no hay ningun boton que diga remove y tampoco se pueden cambiar de layout. gracias

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