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Template author:Cahaya Biru

Zitizen is a free blogger template adapted from WordPress with 4 columns, magazine-styled, right sidebar, ads ready and neutral colors.

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4.0 out of 5 based on 60 bloggers and 19 commenters.
Compatible with:FFIEChrome


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  1. Jerm 21 July 2009

    I need the Font for the Logo

  2. Mathias 24 July 2009

    Como cambio lo que dice ZITIZEN???

  3. Claudia 24 July 2009

    Busca la imagen en tu plantilla. El archivo zip incluye un psd para que crees tu propio logo.

  4. Paulo Roberto N. Streva 17 August 2009

    This is a beatiful template and I liked it very much but how do I insert the Google search in the “The search” sector?

  5. ARTEM 21 August 2009

    Hello, i need serious help, the little box “FULL STORY” … how i can change the text in, i mean… i dont want “[FULL STORY]” but something like “[ >> ]” or “[CLICK]”

    And i just find in the HTML code how to change the color, the border, background etc, but I CANT FIND WHERE TO CHANGE the text “FULL STORY”

    Please reply here or/and at my mail… its important


    I love this design but im stuck with it

  6. Marco 17 September 2009

    hello, nice template, congratulations.
    Can you help me please? Where in the Html code can I change the background colour? I can’t find it..
    kind regards

  7. Claudia 18 September 2009

    Change it in

    body {


  8. Marco 18 September 2009

    thanks, I mean that background that goes also on the sidebar, it’s something else to change but I can’t find it in the html code

  9. Samhong 23 September 2009

    Im using this template, so far no any problem.
    Nice template for my blog.

  10. Marco 12 November 2009

    hi, there’s another problem: using Explorer, and a laptop (size 15″), the little boxes of the posts show a big image of every post, and not small photos with something written as when using other browsers.
    Can you please help me?
    Kind regards

  11. David 3 December 2009

    Claudia nice template but I can change the picture to create my logo. Can you explain me better? thanks

  12. Marco 6 December 2009

    I meant Explorer 8, not 7

  13. suyboy 1 January 2010

    thank you this is a beatiful template and I liked it very much and i download it for use

  14. milo 26 January 2010

    hi. thanks for a great template. I am also looking for the answer to the aboce question. How do I change “full story” to something like “more pics”?

  15. Marco 19 February 2010

    hi, is there any problem recently with this template?
    Because it’s showing only 10 posts in the homepage.
    I tried in all ways, but nothing 🙁
    kind regards

  16. sam 1 March 2010

    Hi, my template also the same, only show 4 post.

  17. Emma 16 March 2010

    Hi, nice template, however how can I change the header saying Zitizin to my blog name instead?

  18. Prantor 15 June 2011

    Nice template. But how can I change the full story to read more…..

  19. Ikbal 1 July 2011

    hey, how do I rename my blog name zetizen so please help me
    I like this template

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