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Revive Pink Blogger Template

Revive Pink

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About Revive Pink

Revive Pink is a free premium Blogger template with 2 columns, right sidebar, rounded corners, posts thumbnails and tabs.

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Author: Blogger Bits.

16 Questions and comments on Revive Pink

Redz85 20 July 2010 at 6:51


Thank you for this nice template. but hmmm im wondering how i can edit or remove this featured content area ????

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RAVENA 15 August 2010 at 8:13

How edit the featured content area? kisses

↩ Reply
Claudia 16 August 2010 at 22:03

@RAVENA: Click on the “Template Settings” link (highlighted in yellow) which appears above.

↩ Reply
Sara 29 September 2010 at 5:30

Please help me. the “template settings” link does not work for me. How do I remove this featured content area?

↩ Reply
Claudia 29 September 2010 at 22:20

@Sara: It was replaced. Please, check now ;)

↩ Reply
sam 19 October 2010 at 10:00

How can i edit and add my own text in about, categories, contac and suscribe?

↩ Reply
Claudia 22 October 2010 at 0:02

@sam: Please, click on the “Template Settings” link which is above.

↩ Reply
msliezel 12 December 2010 at 22:55

the corners aren’t rounded for some reason. :( please help.

↩ Reply
Claudia 13 December 2010 at 13:14

@msliezel: It only uses CSS3 for rounded corners. So, you’ll see rounded corners in broswers like Chrome and Firefox, but never in Internet Explorer.

↩ Reply
perfectbeaute 30 December 2010 at 8:11

How can I manage the labels? they are all the same in each label-tab. Is it possible to have different labels in the lab-tabs?

↩ Reply
scha amoy 30 December 2010 at 9:45

i want this tamplete

↩ Reply
Angel 8 January 2011 at 20:04

Hey, is there any possible way for me to change the background, to something, let’s say, lighter? Like white or light pink?

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arusu.ogata 4 March 2011 at 3:17

Well, I download the template, and I try to upload it on blogger as the instructions say so. But every time I press *upload* it comes with a messsage saying “Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: Content is not allowed in prolog.” am i doing something wrong ? Plz help,rly love this template DX

↩ Reply
Claudia 5 March 2011 at 20:03

@arusu.ogata You can find the answer to your questions and more in our FAQ section.

Wobble 8 March 2011 at 12:30

dates of posts are broken? can see only the first post’s date (see my blog).

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heidi 13 March 2013 at 15:45

thank you so much! it works just fine and i loooove it!

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