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Simple is best

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Template author:Anshul

Simple is best is a free blogger template adapted from WordPress with 2 columns, left sidebar and grunge style.

Excellent template for blogs about art or to write a diary.

Download Simple is best for free in BTemplates.

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4.4 out of 5 based on 152 bloggers and 47 commenters.
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  1. Jaime 3 January 2010

    Cute but you can’t put text into the Welcome Box

  2. Claudia 3 January 2010

    Go to Layout/Page elements and edit the HTML/Javascript gadget near the header. This template is fully widgetized 😉

  3. Jesse 4 January 2010

    I cant see a upload template in my settings. Under the edit html, there is a big box for me to input the code. How should i go about it? please help:(

  4. Francisco 4 January 2010

    Jesse, read the instructions 🙂

  5. Krystal 4 January 2010

    I downloaded the template but when i view my blog it shows my old template. How do I stop the old template from showing? The thing is when i click on fonts and colours (next to edit HTML), I can see the new template i uploaded and ive saved it and everything but it still keeps showing the old template when i view my blog.. help pleaseee! 🙂

  6. ale 4 January 2010

    que son los widgets o gadgets

  7. jessa 4 January 2010

    i love this template… thanks a lot.
    God bless ^_^

  8. gaye 5 January 2010

    hi! great template.

    how do i go about changing the tabs?

  9. Ada 6 January 2010

    I love your template but could you explain me how to make tabs in it?


  10. frailpink 7 January 2010

    i love the template! thank you so much? however, i don’t know how to put links in the 4 boxes up where you put home, rss, contact, about. can anyone please help? again, thank you!!!

  11. D’Egoist 7 January 2010

    Hi, this is a really nice template. Can anybody explain me how to change that 4 boxes, and how can i make more boxes after these? Thx a lot 🙂

  12. Anshul 7 January 2010

    there is just linklist in blogger layout of this template,just use it to add 4links in it. Just you can add four links only to this template as considering the design of template.

  13. D’Egoist 7 January 2010

    Hi Anshul,

    I tried it, first. But if I click on the linklist at the layout, it’s told me: “invalis request URI”. I tried to write over the html, but I cannot find in that where I should paste the URL-s.
    If I made wrong, pls told me, but Im really sure I did it well…
    In fine Im really thank you for helping

  14. Anshul 7 January 2010

    @D’egoist i think its working in your blog i checked.Just remove the title of that widget then the links will come upwards.

  15. julia 18 January 2010

    -> Para colocar as abas, basta ir em Layout|Elementos da Página|Em baixo do Cabeçalho tem Lista de Links| Clique em Editar, abaixo de Lista de Links.

    Depois você coloca tudo e acabou!!! Beijos!

  16. pinkca2 20 January 2010

    hello…how can i put the “recent posts” and “recent comments” in the bottom of my page?

  17. Anshul 20 January 2010

    for footer you have one small add a element button at bottom mid of layout in page elements just add widget from there name ‘Feed’ Put your feed adress there like this http://your-blog-name/feeds/posts/default and continue and siilarly for comments http://your-blog-name/feeds/comments/default

  18. LaCheshireChat 21 January 2010

    This is just a lovely template, well done! I love it!
    Now, just a couple teensy things and it will be perfect.
    1) I’m with frailpink and others having trouble placing links into the *center* of those four boxes. Plus I don’t seem to be able to differentiate the RSS feed? I’ve tried doing it, in a viriety of combinations, and it keeps placing the script at the bottom of the ‘box’, not nicely centred, as you show above. PLUS it puts an annoying link onto the white ‘paper’ bit.
    2) How do I change the *width* of the sidebar without totally frucking it up sideways unto tomorrow and beyond? If you check my site, you’ll see how some of the ‘recent posts’ are shortened. I’d just like the whole kit-and-kaboodle sidebar to be wider, actually.
    Thank you kindly in fervent expectation.

  19. Ness 24 January 2010

    I don’t understand how to add titles into the 4 boxes on the top.

  20. Anshul 24 January 2010

    @ness in layout > page elements you will see linklist widget just add links from there

  21. Millie 30 January 2010

    I love this template, thank you for making it a free one.

    Just a couple of things I don’t understand. Like LaCheshireCat, you can see my recent posts are also shortened in the sidebar, and I’d like to tweak that to make it right.

    I’d like to add links in the four tabs, to other pages in the blog, can that be done? Like, can I have a recipe tab, and recipes come up on the same kind of template? I know on Typepad it is easy to add other pages to the blog but on Blogger I don’t know how.

    Thanks again

  22. Millie 30 January 2010

    Also, how can I make the title larger? I’ve checked the Template and cannot see where to make the title larger. “It’s Vegan Easy” should be a little larger for me I think!

  23. LaCheshireChat 31 January 2010

    To Millie:
    I showed this to my brilliant husband and he fixed the width thing through Firebug 🙂

    (according to him, it is a fixed width absolute in one of the css divisions that causes the problem and should be fixed in the parent as well, but heh, this fix works!)

    So, by changing the width to 90%, it fixed the problem.
    Scroll down or do a search on the ‘change html pane’ in Blogger to find the .sidebar li

    change width: to 90%

    preview then save your changes and refresh

    it will end up looking like the below 🙂

    .sidebar li {
    width: 90%;
    border: none;
    margin: 0 0 0 15px;
    padding: 6px 0 6px 30px;
    background: url( left 5px no-repeat;

    Kind regards

  24. Millie 1 February 2010

    LaCheshireCat – Thank you so much! Worked first time. xxx

  25. Catia Costa 2 March 2010

    Não consigo configurar a barra de HOME, RSS, ABOUT, CONTACT. Ao clicar em: editar layout – elementos da página, aparece a seguinte mensagem: Invalid request URI. Não aceita que eu clique para fazer alterações. Preciso de solução rápida ou vou ter que alterar o template para outro modelo!


  26. ida 13 March 2010

    i followed the direction you mentioned on the earlier post on how to edit the welcome box, but i can’t seem to edit mine..

  27. Melissa 25 March 2010

    I can add the pages to make links for the top but it is not centered at all. Anyone know what i should do?

  28. Katie 23 April 2010

    Help! I’m new to all this and for some reason I’m having tons of trouble trying to upload a new template to my blogspot.
    I’ve downloaded ‘Simple is Best’, and saved it to my desktop, but when I try uploading to my blogspot it keeps saying

    “We were unable to save your template
    Please correct the error below and submit your template again.
    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure that all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: Content is not allowed in prolog.”

    This happens for every template I try – help!

    In the FAQ it says to ‘unzip’ the file before uploading, but I can’t see how to do this (they are all still compressed/zipped)

    Please help!!

  29. Claudia 23 April 2010

    You need to download and install a free software such as izarc, winrar or winzip. Please, read in google about where to find and how to use these softwares 😉

  30. Adriana 4 June 2010

    Ola eu ainda não entendi como aplicar a barra de navegação ( ex.inicio,contato etc…)nas quatro barra la em cima,alguém pode me ajudar?

  31. Claudia 4 June 2010

    @Adriana: Los enlaces de la barra de navegación se agregan desde Diseño/Elementos de la Página, en un gadget de lista de enlaces que aparece bajo el header.

  32. Adriana 6 June 2010

    Oi Claudia,eu fui em lista de links e não consegui que aparecesse la em cima nas abas que mostram o modelo.não consigo colocar inicio contato etc…sempre tenho que ir la no meu perfil pra poder mecher no meu blog (esta sendo chato).quero muito arrumar ele direitinho.escreva em portugues dandon as diretrizes

  33. Adriana 7 June 2010

    Oi ja consegui,so a ultima aba que esta com problemas,esta repetindo um em baixo do outro e não esta indo para final,mesmo eu clicando na setas.sei la

  34. lemlem 16 June 2010

    still cant get anything in the tabs. wont let me click on edit java or html. guess i wont get to use 🙁

  35. Adriana 3 July 2010

    Continuo com o mesmo problema nas abas,qdo coloco o quarto item na aba,esta ultima fica em baixo da primeira aba,mesmo eu usando as setinhas para por na sequencia que eu gostaria!!!!
    O que acontece heim?alguém pode me ajudar?Outra coisa,qdo coloco uma enqueta,no titulo da enquete não aparece tudo o que eu pergundo,simplesmente pq a lateral é muito pequena!ja tentei aumentar mais não deu certo!

  36. Beatriz 22 August 2010

    Eu baixo das 2 maneiras mais nenhum dos 2 vem com o código certo! Ele só vem com as instruções, como consigo baixar o código?

  37. Charlie Callow 18 October 2010

    ~*Simple IS Best*~ I’ve literally been a Blogger member for 25 minutes and this template is the only reason I’m staying! It’s beautiful and very user friendly! I can’t believe somebody captured all the colors and fonts I wanted on my blog! Thank you so much for making it!

  38. Charlie Callow 19 October 2010

    Hello, it’s me again. I need some help with displaying the last posts or comments at the bottom of the template. I can’t seem to get it to appear, and when I try adding the URLs your suggested (e.g. I get this message:

    “We are sorry, this gadget appears to be broken.
    This gadget has errors, and cannot be used until fixed. Learn more.”

  39. Charlie Callow 19 October 2010

    @Charlie Callow: Nevermind! Sort of did a work-around by adding the Blogger Buster recent posts and comments gadet. Still, if there’s a way to do this so the fonts are consistent with the rest of the template. thanks!

  40. Lulu Lesley 25 February 2011

    Firstly thank you so much for sharing this!

    After that, I really want a help in putting recent posts and comment at the bottom like you. I’ve read your instruction and try my best but I can’t put any widgets (any) at the bottom to display like yours.

    Can you please please tell me more clearly? Or, can I do something to remove those pictures of “recent”???

  41. Claudia 25 February 2011

    @Lulu Lesley: Please, leave your blog URL when you comment. Did you already read our FAQ about how to add recent posts and recent comments widgets?

  42. Lulu Lesley 25 February 2011

    Oops! I’m sorry for not leaving the URL!

    Yes, I’ve read the FAQ about add recent posts and comment widgets? The problem is I can’t put they at the bottom where pictures of “recent posts” and “recent comments”. I dont know whether I misunderstood or make mistake somewhere!

  43. Maryanna Fahmy 30 March 2011

    Olá Cláudia !!!
    Preciso muito de sua ajuda !!! Alterei o template e ficou lindo mas tenho dúvidas:
    1-na barra do lado onde tem os widgets, eles estão saindo cortados nos lados direito pois o espaço está pequeno, como faço para aumentar o espaço?
    2- Os títulos de cada widget está saíndo enorme também ! Assim quando a frase é grande, só sai 2 palavras e o restante fica embaixo sem aparecer !
    Me ajude o mais rápido possível, por favor !!!!
    Coloquei o blog em manutenção pois está horrível assim.

    No aguardo, obrigada !

  44. Kelly 8 June 2011

    I was able to get the links placed on the tabs at the top of the template, and did the 90% width trick to center them, but they are still not completely centered (as you can see by my “Contact” link). Is there any way to fix this further? I already tried making the width even smaller, but saw no effect.

  45. Crafty Tracy 31 July 2013

    I love this template but have a couple of questions.

    1. How do I change the size/colour of the text in the tabs.

    2. How do I get the search to work, at the moment it seems to be just a graphic.


  46. Crafty Tracy 31 July 2013


    I love this template it is gorgeous but have a couple of questions.

    How do I change the text size/colour in the tabs

    How do I get the search to work, it seems to be just a graphic at the moment.


  47. andreea 22 January 2014

    Hi guys,
    Can anyone please send me the HTML code of this template? For some reason I don’t receive it together with the rest of the .zip files when I click “Download”.

    Thank you!

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