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Shutter Shot

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Shutter Shot is a free blogger template adapted from WordPress with 1 column and slider.

Excellent template for blogs about photography.

Download Shutter Shot for free in BTemplates.

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4.1 out of 5 based on 102 bloggers and 68 commenters.
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  1. Pepper 24 September 2012

    Asho*** I c’ant navigate in your fu*** template

    2000 line just for a JavaScript..
    3000 line totaly just for twoo Menu and one fullscreen jquery..

    witchout any page navigation; juste congrulation 😉

  2. Arcadia 4 October 2012


    I have tried many FAQ sites, but have not found my answer, so I have come to ask here.

    •how does one change the font both of the menu items, and the font of the page/post body.

    Thankyou for this template! Its been wonderful, but was hoping to tweak to match my images. Fingers crossed for a reply here.


  3. usui-chi 12 October 2012

    I don’t know why but it wont work on mine,

    at first when I use Preview, (in Edit HTML) the slideshows is working, but when I hit the Save Templates button the slideshows gone, only black background in there..

    FYK, At first I used the ‘Upload xml file’ but it won’t work, then I just copying the script to the Edit HTML menu, but it wont do any good either..

    cud u help me please?

  4. Diego 19 October 2012

    Slide does not work in Opera and Explorer. How to fix?

  5. Daniel 9 November 2012

    Font for the upper menu is gone, please help!

  6. ann 29 November 2012


    when I add a new page at the top menu, all of them disappear. Can anyone help?

  7. Milan 4 December 2012


    how add FAVICON to themes SHUTTERSHOT ??? please, please, please

    Thank you !

  8. Jean Carlos 4 December 2012


    I like so much this blog theme and I need just one help.

    The theme dont apear the post. Plese, how I cam use de home page to show my posts? Please, help me.

    Thanks alot!

  9. Thomas 7 January 2013

    Does anybody know a solution to my wordpress shuttershot theme — background slideshow not playing in Internet Explorer. Firefox & Chrome are working fine.

    Many thanks!

  10. hamed 14 January 2013


    I want to change or cut Sign “>>” in menus and submenus .

    How can I do it ?


  11. james 26 January 2013

    Hi, Theme is good and I like it very much but it’s not working fine in IE. I tried to fix it alot but no luck .

  12. Randy 25 March 2013

    Is there a way to use alt text within each image on the full page slideshow? How would that be added to each individual slide?

  13. jim 22 July 2013

    cannot get this to open. Does this not work in mac?

  14. Alicia B 24 September 2013

    Is there a way for the blog page to show an entire image rather than just a portion of the image we uploaded. Right now, the teasers are only showing the center of the image and you have to click in for the full image, I would like the full image to appear instead. Can someone tell me how to do this?

  15. دانلود آهنگ 17 November 2014

    wonderful theme, thanx a lot for this.

  16. Ale 19 February 2015

    My full page template is currently on left side, but I would like it to be on center. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  17. Barry 21 October 2015

    everything works but!

    How do I add a related posts widget to the individual posts I have tried 10 different types so far and all have failed.

    How do I add a light box to display the photos in a post better. Again I have tried a number of options and all have failed.

    How do I add submenus? I see code there for it but no insertctions

    3 big things that have me reaching for my delete button a without them the template is pretty but useless. So if anyone out there can help that would fantastic, anyone, anyone at al!

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